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Welcome to TechCrunch’s 2021 Holiday Gift Guide! Need help with gift ideas? We have a lot of them. We’re just starting to roll out this year’s gift guides, so Check back from now until the end of December for more!

It is, somehow, that time again! Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing.

Should do Would you like to buy something on Black Friday? It depends. Some people are able to make games out of it and save stacks on things they are going to buy anyway. Others are fleeing from TVs that are not actually sold or re-packaged under new model numbers.

There, of course Are To find deals, of course – you have to be smart about it. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Are you buying the items you already want at a discount? Good Are you buying things you don’t want, because it can be cheap? Not so good.
  • Make sure you buy Actually on sale, And they did not temporarily raise prices yesterday for the sake of “discounts” today. Like historical price trackers Camel camel It can help.
  • Check any model number you are purchasing. If you can’t find any traces of it older than a few weeks, some fish may be found.

That being said, here are some of the generally good deals we’ve found around the web – solid, battle-tested and probably the content we recommend here. Complete Price. Once we find them, we will add more during the week.

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Apple devices

Image Credit: Brian Heater / TechCrunch

Long ago, discounts on Apple Gear were a rare sight – nowadays, though, it’s not very difficult to save at least a penny or two.

For example: Amazon recently got non-Pro AirPads Down to 155 (Usually 179), AirPod Pro Down to 9 159 (Usually $ 190 +) and over-ear AirPads Max Down to 429 (From 549)

Amazon has also got the best iPad Pro deal we’ve ever found, ranging from $ 100 to $ 150 on the 2021 12.9 model – so GB 999 for 128 GB base model, For example, instead of 1099.

Apple Watch Se

Image Credit: Apples

Best Buy usually has a more budget-friendly 40 mm Apple Watch SE Marked down to 219, Usually 279. If you’re looking for the latest and greatest Apple Watch, your best bet is probably Amazon again, where the Series 7 has been. मा 379 deduction Instead of $ 399 – but know that the list seems limited and you can’t get the color / band you want.

Big discounts on M1 Macs now seem rare – which makes sense, as they are still relatively new. When they pop up, stocks appear to be limited or shipments are delayed for another year. Apple will offer $ 100 gift cards with the purchase of eligible Macs (which, unfortunately, seems to exclude the 14 ″ and 16 ″ M1 MacBook Pros) but that deal doesn’t start until the actual Black Friday morning.

Amazon devices

Echo Show 5

Image Credit: Brian Heater / TechCrunch

Amazon usually offers a lot of deep discounts on its own gear for Black Friday, and this is true this year.

The 4K Fire TV Stick, for example, is Down to 25 (Usually 50).

Their latest-gen Kindle, meanwhile, is Below 70 (Normally 110) If you buy a version that doesn’t come with ads scattered around the interface. If you don’t like ads, It’s $ 50 (Usually $ 90).

Got a smart home full of eco devices and want to add something? The latter (4th gen) is the model Below 60 (Usually 80- $ 100). The 2021 Echo Show, with its camera and 5.5 display, is Down to $ 45 (Usually around $ 80), and the itty-bitty (if possibly at the end of its lifetime) echo dot puck. Down to 20 (Usually $ 30).

Google Tools

Google Chromecast With Google Tv

Image Credit: Google

Not to be outdone, Google has got a bunch of discounts on its own devices as well.

Chromecast with Google TV (Chromecast with Remote) Up to $ 40 (Usually 50).

Google Nest Audio

Image Credit: Google

Most of the company’s Nest accessories are marked – Nest Audio smart speakers are priced at less than 60 (usually $ 100), they have Nest WiFi router network access points Below $ 30 each And the latest Nest Hub has been a smart display छुट 50 discount (Usually $ 100.) Nest also has a relatively new outdoor camera Down to 150 (Usually $ 180).


Roku Streaming Stick 4K 1

Image Credit: Year

Looking to stay out of the Apple / Google / Amazon ecosystem but still want a solid streaming device for your TV? Roku has a few options: Roku Streaming Stick is 4K Up to $ 30 (Usually 50), while one of their sound bars – the small streambar, not the streambar pro – is. Below 80 (Usually 130.)

Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2

Image Credit: Meta / Oculus

The Oculus’ Quest 2 virtual reality headset is now as good as the entry-level VR. If you’re just looking to double up or otherwise don’t want to spend a million dollars on a megapowerful VR rig, Quest 2 is a really good place to start. I would gladly recommend it to a lot of people at full price … so at a discount? Absolutely.

The best deal I’ve ever found is Goal, where you’ll receive a लक्ष्य 50 Goal gift card. 128 GB ($ 300) or 256 GB ($ 400) model.



Image Credit: Backbone

If you often use your iPhone * for things like playing remote games on Apple Arcade or Xbox or PlayStation, the backbone is a lot, A lot Good controller add-on. It is fast, it is solid like a rock, and it is The way More comfortable than trying gloves on a touchscreen.

I thought it was pretty cheap at around $ 99, but now they’ve marked it Down to 85 for Black Friday – And they’ve thrown in three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for the best solution. That is theft, honestly.

(* They’ve just added support for controlling other devices via wired USB, but that’s a neat bonus and less main draw.)

Apps and services

Hulu On Xfinity Hulu Screens

Image Credit: Hulu

Some tried and true apps and services are often offering deals despite precautions. For example:

  • Hulu will give you a year Ad supported Hulu Instead of 7 per month, 99 cents for a month. Catch? This is for new and “returning” customers only, defined as those who have not paid for Hulu in recent months.
  • If you don’t already have Disney +, Amazon is entering into a kind of deceptive deal with Amazon Music Unlimited as a tie-in. If you already have Amazon Music Unlimited, they will give you three months of Disney + for free. If you don’t already have it and are willing to sign up for the 8 per month service, they’ll give you six months of Disney +.
  • Plex is selling its Lifetime Pass option, usually 120, For 90.
  • Adobe is selling its “All Apps” package – so Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Addison and Adobe have access to everything under the Creative Cloud umbrella – $ 30 a month, Down from 52. Unfortunately, the terms only specify “first-time members.”
  • The popular password manager is LastPass Offering plans for 25% discount This week Use password manager.
  • Guided Meditation App Headspace Depending on whether you are paying monthly or annually, there is now a 50% -60% discount. If monthly, this is a 60% discount – $ 4.99 a month, instead of $ 12.99. If annually, this is a 50% discount – which may seem like a small discount, but at $ 35 a year (usually 70), you’re paying about $ 2.91 per month (usually $ 6) after both plans have their respective full Renew at a price. First year

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