7 Tips for Better Business-IT Alignment

Is your enterprise out of alignment? Tailtail symptoms include pulling in the wrong direction, poor control, and perhaps worst, reducing productivity and results.

When IT and business teams fail to line up, all parties can expect bumpy rides. “Digital conversions are fundamentally changing the way an organization delivers value to its customers,” said Sameer Bhagwat, vice president and head of application-managed service center of excellence at IT and business consulting firm Capgemini Americas.

Bhagwat noted that while the entire business ecosystem is now interconnected, enterprises must always be agile to address changing business needs and market needs. “When IT and business are well-aligned, leaders can achieve their goals more effectively,” he says.

Is your venture going in the wrong direction? Then consider the following seven tips for getting your IT and business up and running.

1. Know your business

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7 Tips for Better Business-IT Alignment 2

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