Why Lamar Jackson vs. Week 11 Not playing for the Ravens in the Bears

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The Ravens are looking to return to Week 11 after a humiliating defeat to the Dolphins in “Thursday Night Football” last week. They’re going to do it without Lamar Jackson.

The team’s star quarterback was listed as “suspicious” for the Ravens’ game against the Bears because of his treatment of the patient. He practiced for the team on Friday, but over the weekend, his symptoms worsened. He went to Soldier Field on Sunday to see if he could work his way up to the shape of the game, but was unable to do so.

Thus, the Ravens will have to win for the first time without Jackson since he missed the game against the Steelers last season after testing positive for COVID-19.

Here’s everything you need to know about Jackson’s absence, illness and who will replace him in Ravens’ starting lineup.

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Why is the bear out against Lamar Jackson?

Jackson doesn’t start for Ravens because he’s dealing with a non-COVID-related disease.

According to Ian Report of the NFL Network, Jackson “The virus is so bad that it is not itself“Jackson traveled to Chicago with the Ravens, but he didn’t feel good enough to play.

Jackson stopped practicing with the patient on Wednesday and Thursday, but was listed as a full participant in Friday’s practice. Adam Shafter of ESPN Saturday reported that Jackson was “50-50” to play in Week 11, so he was really skeptical for the game.

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Has Lamar Jackson been vaccinated?

The status of Jackson’s vaccine is unclear. He made a deal with Covid in the 2020 NFL season and recaptured it in the summer of 2021. He returned from a second game with the virus in early August, however Not committed to vaccination. In early September, he refused to extend his position until Week 1.

“I want to keep it between me and my family and the doctors.” Jackson told reporters. “That’s it.”

So it is not yet clear if Jackson has been vaccinated. However, Jackson tested negative for Rapoport, COVID-19, so this absence is not related to the NFL’s COVID protocols. He doesn’t feel good enough to play.

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Who is Lamar Jackson’s backup quarterback?

Tyler Hunt is the Ravens’ backup quarterback. He is a second-year player who left Utah for the 2020 NFL Draft. Huntley has never started a game, but has completed 8 of 16 career passes for 54 yards. He has run 33 yards in 13 carriages.

He said Huntley was excellent for the Ravens in the preseason. He completed 60 of 83 passes (72.3 percent) for 551 passing yards, four touchdowns and one interception. Thus Mobile, 6-1 Passer Jackson earned the primary backup job later.

Trace McSorley, the sixth-round pick of 2019 from Penn State, will serve as Huntley’s backup.

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