Violence erupted in Brussels as anti-lockdown mobs clashed with police and set fire to the streets as Europe faced a cowardly crisis.

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Sunday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

The demonstration took place in the Belgian capital Follow Saturday’s performance Europe is facing a crisis in Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia and Northern Ireland.


Protesters set fire to streets in Brussels
बेल्जियमको राजधानीमा प्रदर्शनकारी र प्रहरीबीच झडप भएको छ


बेल्जियमको राजधानीमा प्रदर्शनकारी र प्रहरीबीच झडप भएको छ
Protesters Were Seen Setting Fire To A Garbage Can


Protesters were seen setting fire to a garbage can
In Response, Police Fired Water Cannons And Tear Gas


In response, police fired water cannons and tear gas

प्रहरीले अनुमान गरेको छ कि लगभग 35,000 मानिसहरू गारे डु नोर्ड ट्रेन स्टेशनको अगाडि भेला भएका कडा कोरोनाभाइरस उपायहरूको फिर्ताको बिरूद्ध विरोध गर्न सरकारले गत हप्ता घोषणा गर्‍यो, कोविड केसहरूमा भएको बृद्धिलाई रोक्नको लागि।

Under the new rules, non-vaccinators are barred from entering bars and restaurants, working from home four days a week, while masks are mandatory for indoor and outdoor activities for everyone over the age of 10.

“स्वतन्त्रता” को नारा लगाएका प्रदर्शनकारीहरूले पुलिसलाई बोतल र आतिशबाजी फ्याँकेका थिए भने अधिकारीहरूले जवाफमा पानीको तोप र अश्रु ग्यास प्रयोग गरे।

प्रदर्शनकारीहरूले राजधानीको सडकमा आगजनी गर्दा प्रहरीसँग झडप भएको चित्रण गरिएको थियो भने केहीले हुलाक कार्यालयलगायत स्थानीय व्यवसायका झ्यालहरूमा इँटा प्रहार गरेको देखिएका थिए।

How many have been injured but how many have been arrested is not yet known, police said.

The Prime Minister of Belgium has said that the World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that Europe is the only region in the world where covidar-related deaths have increased. The continent was on “red alert”.

The number of infected people in Belgium reached 13,836 on Sunday.

Hospital admissions are growing at a rate of 30 percent per week and have reached an all-time high in May. More than a quarter are in the ICU.

Prime Minister Alexander de Crow said last week: “All alarm bells are red. The map of Europe is fast turning red, and so are we.”

The “Together for Freedom” came just hours after the Belgian protests Germany is following the example of Austria Making vaccinations mandatory after spike in covid cases.

The move was announced after ministers and experts acknowledged it was “inevitable” in the midst of the country’s fourth coronavirus wave.

Germany recorded 48,201 infections on Saturday – the highest number of new covid cases since the onset of the epidemic.

Earlier, Chancellor Angela Merkel Without restricted vaccines The Germans of shops and restaurants are enforcing Draconian cove restrictions as a string of strict measures for unneeded citizens.

Austria made vaccination mandatory from February 1 and was preparing to immerse itself in the vaccine. Cruel 20-day lockdown from Monday.

Similar protests against the Covid-19 ban erupted last night in the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, Italy and Northern Ireland, when seven people were injured when Dutch police opened fire on an anti-lockdown riot.

On Saturday, thousands of protesters gathered in Milan and Rome to protest against green pass certificates, vaccine passports required in restaurants, cinemas, theaters, stadiums, clubs or gyms across the country.

Protesters in Vienna, meanwhile, rallied after the far-right opposition Freedom Party vowed to fight new Covid sanctions.

In the Netherlands, anti-riot police used water cannons to disperse a violent crowd of protesters who set fire to police cars and set off fireworks in one of Rotterdam’s main shopping districts as they protested the country’s partial three-week lockout.

The recent a The study predicts that Europe could face an additional “300,000 deaths.” And 1 million people in the hospital. “

Protesters Gather In Vienna


Protesters gather in Vienna
इटालीमा प्रदर्शनकारी र प्रहरीबीच झडप भएको छ


इटालीमा प्रदर्शनकारी र प्रहरीबीच झडप भएको छ
Protests In Rotterdam Turned Into Riots


Protests in Rotterdam turned into riots
नेदरल्यान्ड्समा हिंसात्मक जुलुसमा ७ जना घाइते भएपछि भियनामा लकडाउन विरोधी प्रदर्शनकारीहरूले प्रहरीसँग झडप गरे

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Violence erupted in Brussels as anti-lockdown mobs clashed with police and set fire to the streets as Europe faced a cowardly crisis. 9

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