Trinity Roadman takes Washington Spirit to the NWSL Championship

Trinity Roadman and co.  Home won the NWSL title.

Trinity Roadman and co. Home won the NWSL title.
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Rarely are finals the best games. When it comes to all in one game, teams don’t really prioritize making mistakes to be brave, and wait for their chance. Obviously, the nerves also play a role, as betting is impossible to ignore.

Before the NWSL finals began, there was a feeling that this could be the case. Given their injury list and the way and style to reach their finals, the Chicago Red Stars were always going to try and make things worse and hopefully Mallory Pug and Rachel Hill could create something on the counter, just one to exercise. . Win The Washington spirit was deeply aware of this, and as they carried most of the game, they were also wary of being counter in the first half.

Rarely do we get a signature display from a player who grabs the game by the legs, hangs it upside down, and shakes it until he gets the required lunch money. And Haley’s comet is rare when that player is a cheater. Magic Johnson is just a name to come to mind, isn’t it? You can now add Trinity Roadman to that list.

Over the past few weeks, the Red Stars’ main plan has been to defend the middle in front of their defense through Morgan Gottratt and Sarah Voldemoy, to force the teams to attack wide and to give those wide players a choice. In this way, they worried about the best team in the league, Portland Thorns. So in some ways, Rodman was given the platform by Red Stars strategies, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive. Chicago’s plan was to allow him to keep the force and then build walls around him. Rodman took them with a constant force of destruction.

From both sides, Rodman was a Darwish. Dribbling through two or three players at a time, either terrorizing the fullback, his speed was just going away from them, and when the spirit was chasing him, shooting from everywhere and setting up teammates. Maybe it got the touch hero-ball in points, but the Red Stars allowed all the spirits. And if you have someone capable of hero-ball work …

In the second half, Rodman pulled the spirit down from the goal against a completely bunker-in opposition. He set the penalty, which was equalized, after losing the initial header, chasing the ball and threading the ball into the box to Tara McCann, who then fouled.

This was after Rodman almost equaled himself when he changed the tatum milazzo so rudely that it left a tire mark and then opened this ICBM which will rise to the near post years of cold sweat:

Rodman then assisted the winner for Kelley O’Hara in extra time, with the cross so much surgery that it must be seen by students made from an operating theater.

It would not be appropriate to reduce Rodman’s performance to his goal contribution alone. Especially in the second half, every time Rodman touched the ball, everyone in Louisville held their breath, especially the Red Stars. It was myth-making stuff, and would almost certainly be referred to as any starting point for Rodman to achieve. And it looks like there will be MVPs and Ballon d’Ors in the very near future.

The game ended with Rodman leading the game with eight shots, three goals, five chances created, five dribbles successful (which seems short), and four main passes. She is also just 19 years old, which is another rude act to dominate the biggest game of the league as a teenager.

Rodman is clearly the future of USWNT, and it’s a shame we won’t see him in the upcoming friendly in Australia as Vladimir Andonowski begins the process of handing over the team to the next generation. What’s even more frustrating is Rodman’s alleged lack of vaccinations. But they are only friendly, and there may still come a day when COVID is not with us, or is still a major part of our lives. What’s important, in football terms, is the summer of 2023. Rodman has the courage at high speed with the ball of Tobin Heath. Although it is likely that Rodman’s immediate future lies in the opposite wing of Heath, whether Megan Rapino will step out of the scene or retire altogether.

Those debates can wait. Maybe at the age of 19 you don’t know that you can’t win a championship game on your own, or you are young enough to be brave enough to know that you can. If this is where Roadman begins, no destination is out of reach.


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Trinity Roadman takes Washington Spirit to the NWSL Championship 2

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