Transfer call: Hodgson deal on the brink of collapse

It is clear that the Tigers have set a deadline for the business to close on Monday in order to somehow know if there is any chance the negotiations will go ahead. It has been suggested that the Tigers are willing to pay Hodgson just $500,000 a season to make the switch, but offer him a two-year deal. But given that he currently has a reported $850,000 plus, that would still mean a significant pay cut for next season, even though he received the first month of his 2022 salary worth an estimated $70,000. The Raiders are also reluctant to let Hodgson go, given the current uncertainty about Tom Starling’s potential availability before the start of the new season. Starling will appear in court in the new year over an alleged incident outside a Central Coast facility that has led to police charges. The Raiders were at one point interested in a possible trade between n Hodgson and Jacob Liddle, but nothing came of it. The Raiders have always maintained that there is no lingering drama between Ricky Stuart and Hodgson over George Williams’ controversial departure earlier this year. marketDoor David RiccioCronulla has moved to take rising star Blayke Brailey off the dummy half merry-go-round by filing a new three-year deal. The NSW Emerging Blues hooker remains on the open market with his current Cronulla Sharks contract expiring at the end of the 2022 season. The threat of rival hookers Brandon Smith, Reed Mahoney, Api Koroisau and Josh Hodgson creating a tailspin in demand for dummy halves across the NRL is one factor contributing to the Sharks wanting to take Brailey out of the window. . by coach Craig Fitzgibbon, Brailey’s manager David Riolo have made it clear that they want to lock up the NSW whore under 20 at the club for at least the next three years. In his third season with NRL, Brailey has held up during a turbulent period for the Sharks, underlined by the fact that there has been little or no backup dummy half at the club over the past two seasons. As a result, Brailey, 23, was forced to show his durability by playing 20 and 24 games respectively over the past two seasons. gives depth to the dummy half. Brailey, a local Cronulla junior, has indicated that he would prefer to stay in black, white and blue, but no contract extension has been signed to date. Negotiations between the Sharks and Riolo were underway on Wednesday. Tigers to lock up monster talent – Brent ReadWests Tigers are preparing to upgrade and renew young star Stefano Utoikamanu’s contract but it is Luke Brooks’ future that will be put under scrutiny on Wednesday as the club’s big names return to the training. News Corp understands Brooks has undergone Covid testing and filed paperwork in preparation for his return – Tigers players were required to return negative tests within 48 hours of returning to training under NRL guidelines. The fact that Brooks went through a test and handed over documentation to the Tigers is the surest sign yet that the No. 7 intends to live up to the last two years of his deal – or alternatively is unwilling to make a move. enforce by staying away. Along with other senior players, Brooks will collect his training gear, undergo testing and wellness screening under the watchful eye of coach Michael Maguire. He will also be able to lean on former NSW half Brett Kimmorley, who joined the club last year as a trails manager but has been given additional responsibility this year with the NRL side as a spine advisor. the club will have unprecedented access to not only Kimmorley, but also club legend Benji Marshall this season. While Marshall’s exact role is yet to be determined, Kimmorley has already started working with the younger members of the spine and will be available to Brooks and the rest of the first-graders when they return this week. “His job was mostly the halves and I pushed it through to the spine because the four of them have to work together,” said Tim Sheens, Tigers head of football. “He actually consults with the seniors as well. He’ll have a hands-on (role). He’s a halfback to talk to – halfbacks like to talk to halfbacks. watching their play throughout the year. “Hopefully it works smoothly. He is a good teacher Noddy (Kimmorley). I find he really knows how to pass things on. “The players are expected to enter the training paddock on Thursday and all eyes will be on Brooks amid lingering speculation that Newcastle will continue to see him as Mitchell Pearce’s successor in the No. 7. Brooks has two years left to sign his current contract, but his future dominated the columns throughout the off-season, which at one point prompted the club to release a statement saying that he was central to their plans after Pearce was able to terminate his contract a year ahead of schedule to join his team. To join the Catalans in the Super League, Newcastle would want a halfback as it would be the least disruption to their spine. At the same time, the Tigers juggle countless balls as they watch to complete their roster. As it stands, Brooks will start the season as halfback and the only question as far as the Tigers are concerned is who will pass the ball from the dummy half. their No. 9 while doubts remain about their alternative whore, Tom Starling. Starling is due to appear in court on Wednesday as part of a bail review, but it could be some time before the Raiders have any clarity about his future. With that in mind, the club has been reluctant to enter into discussions with the Tigers about Hodgson. , especially in light of the fact that the Tigers want the Raiders to make a big contribution this season in order to be able to move smoothly. There is one thing the Tigers can be sure of and that is that Utoikamanu is not going anywhere. The young gag was called into the expanded NSW roster this year by Blues coach Brad Fittler, hinting that representative football is on the horizon. with his management about an upgrade and extension of his existing deal. his appointment.

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Transfer call: Hodgson deal on the brink of collapse 2

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