The spiritual effect of licking women

As a Christian, I have personally understood and believed that licking a woman has no spiritual effect. There is no provision in the Holy Bible for a couple not to have oral sex. So as long as there is oral sex between a married couple or a man licking his wife it is not a sin and it does not have a spiritual effect.

Some women like to lick and suck during sex. There are also some women who do not like the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlicking. At the same time, some women hate it completely. I have found that if you pay attention to her and her reactions, you can make it a generally enjoyable experience. Instead of trying to seduce her, she would really like it!

I know they are there Some health benefits of licking women? She also knows Many boys like to eat vaginal discharge?

Why does licking a woman have no spiritual effect?

Because the Bible does not specify the type or style of sex between couples, it is up to the partners to decide what is not appropriate. Some have argued that licking a woman is a sin because it does not produce children. The purpose of the marital institution, however, is, Not just for breeding; It was also to avoid loneliness and to ensure the helper in the process of gardening; Thus, sex becomes a means by which humanity fills the planet through reproduction.

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If the marriage was solely for the purpose of procreation, the marriage of Abraham and Sarah must have ended long ago because they had been childless for so long. The marriage of Isaac and Rebecca or Eli and Hannah had a period of infertility and should not have been maintained. Those who argue that oral sex or licking women are bad should not have sex with childless couples and having no children means having no children. The children.

Keep your own Vagina Always clean for healthy oral sex

Christians, on the other hand, are free people, and they should use their freedom to study what is acceptable to God and to satisfy them. If the vagina or penis is kept clean and healthy, licking a woman can be a mutually pleasurable act. Some men tell me that dirty vaginas hurt them, so they do not have oral sex with their wives. I’m sure some women feel the same way about blowing dirty sex.

If you lick a woman and worry that you are sinning, then you are, because according to the Bible, anything that is not believed is sin.Romans 14:23).

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Is the only way to become It is safe to be free from disease through sexual intercourse Be faithful before and after Friend. If you suck or lick one woman and then suck or lick another woman somewhere, you will not be free from disease. When diseases strike, the responsibility is greater than the sexual benefit. Sex was not created to be a burden; It should be a source of joy!


There is no spiritual effect of a married couple licking a woman or having oral sex. If a woman is licked outside of marriage or between unmarried partners, it is called adultery and therefore it is a sin and it can affect both the partners spiritually.

Remember I wrote this article with my knowledge as a Christian and I believe that people of other religions may have different views. So, I want to know your point of view in this article.

The medical information provided in this article is provided as a source of information only. This information does not create any patient-physician relationship and should not be used as an alternative to professional diagnosis and treatment.

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