Pete Davidson Sings In Witty “Walking In Memphis” SNL Parody

The King of Staten Island is coming home.

Although he may have made headlines earlier this week by hand in hand with Kim Kardashian, whom he recently started dating, Pete Davidson lets his singing skills take center stage in a hilarious Staten Island-infused tribute to his beloved hometown on Saturday Night Live on Nov 20.

Titled “Walking In States”, the song is a parody of Marc Cohnhit ‘Walking in Memphis’ from 1991 and is packed with references to what Davidson fondly called ‘the land of Colin JostoThat includes how Staten Island has “some 80 bagel spots,” “wild turkeys by the hospital,” and a “garbage dump so big you can see it from space.”

The 28-year-old actor and comedian performed the song together with Cohn himself, Method Man by Wu Tang clan, and country artist big wet, adding that the congregation was “where everyone’s dreams go right down the drain” and “the reason I acted weird.”

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Pete Davidson Sings In Witty "Walking In Memphis" SNL Parody 2

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