Oregon State Police have seized $ 500 million worth of illicit marijuana

The Oregon State Police Southwest Area (OSP) Drug Enforcement Section team on Thursday issued search warrants at five industrial-sized warehouses in White City, Oregon, police said.

Under Oregon State LawAdults 21 years and older can use cannabis within the prescribed limits, but it is illegal to produce marijuana without a license. Oregon Legal Entertainment Marijuana In 2015.

In last week’s bust, police said officers from the OSP, the Drug Enforcement Administration and local law enforcement agencies seized large caches of marijuana and firearms in two days.

“This is a very involved investigation and will continue for several weeks,” the OSP said News release.

The OSP said investigators found that many of the people in the warehouses – who were initially detained, identified, interviewed and released – were migrant workers living on site. Police described the living conditions as “sub-par” and said they lacked running water.

The seizure comes at a time when legal marijuana is flourishing.

Sales 20 billion hits in 2020, Is peaking at शीर्ष 26 billion this year, and is projected to jump to $ 45.9 billion in 2025, according to data from Marijuana Business Daily, which was shared on MJBizCon, the industry’s annual trade show.

About $ 46 billion in sales will make the cannabis industry bigger than the craft beer industry, said Chris Walsh, chief executive officer and chairman of MJBizDaily.


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Oregon State Police have seized $ 500 million worth of illicit marijuana 3

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