New UES Tower Will Be Built Around Holdout Residents, Plans Show

UPPER EAST SIDE, NY – After months of court battles and difficult negotiations, developer Extell is moving forward with plans to build a new tower that will occupy most of a First Avenue block.

But the company will have to work clumsily around two buildings it was unable to acquire due to residents left behind, city records show.

Extell filed plans Wednesday to construct a 22-story building on First Avenue between East 85th and 86th Street — a site the developer has spent years putting together. to buy and demolish are low-rise houses, one by one. The 215-meter mixed-use building will contain 543 apartments – including affordable units – and some commercial space.

But instead of occupying the entire block continuously, the plans show that the building will be cut in two places: in the middle block on First Avenue and at the corner of East 86th Street, where holdout owners and a single tenantrespectively have refused to relinquish their buildings to Extell.

In the case of the corner building, rent-stabilized tenant Greg Marshall faced months of legal pressure from Extell to vacate his home in the six-story building that Extell purchased in 2014. ruled last week in favor of Marshall — and Extell submitted plans for the new building just eight days later.

“He feels great, he feels satisfied,” Marshall’s attorney, Fred Seeman, told Patch on Friday. “If you’re a rent-stabilized tenant, you should be able to live there.”

Most of the buildings between East 85th and 86th Streets will be demolished for Extell’s planned development, except for the white building second from left and the corner building on the far right. (Google Maps)

The other holdouts, at 1645 First Ave., were the Podolsky brothers: a couple of notorious landlords whose other buildings have been? plagued by offenses and who refused to sell their building to Extell despite the company’s generous offers, the chairman said. It appears from the development plans that Extell has apparently abandoned the acquisition of the building.

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Designed by SLCE Architects, the new building will have an address at 1637 First Ave., with an L-shaped design that will run halfway up East 86th Street. Extell will use air rights from three existing buildings at 332-340 East 86th St. to build higher.

Plans show the two “out lots” that Extell was unable to acquire (left), and a drawing shows another view of Extell’s planned development looking at First Avenue from Second Avenue (right). (NYC schedule)

Extell did not respond to a request for details about the plans, including when construction would begin. The news of this development comes just weeks after Extell revealed plans for a 30-story medical tower a few blocks south on First Avenue.

Seeman, the insistent tenant’s attorney, was unaware of Extell’s plans to weave the new building around his tenant’s home. Seeman laughed out loud as a reporter described the project Friday.

“That’s great,” he said. “I think they’ve decided to leave him alone.”

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