McCarthy Says House GOP Might Have a Chance to Beat the BBB Plan

Rep. Kevin McCarthy said Republicans will have “one more bite of the apple” to defeat President Biden’s $1.75 Trillion Build Back a Better Plan if the Senate passes the legislation and it comes back to the House.

“If it fails in the Senate, it dies. But if the Senate changes it, one of those changes has to come back to the House. So we’ve got another bite of the apple here,” McCarthy, the House minority leader, said on Fox News. “Sunday Morning Futures.”​

McCarthy (R-Calif.), who spoke about the House floor at night Last Friday for 8 hours and 33 minutes to delay a vote on the social spending plan, he said he did so because the American people need to know what’s in Democrats’ legislation.

“I want people to know what’s on the bill. I want people to know what they’re doing — that this great government socialism isn’t working,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy went on to say that Democrats understand how their “big government” policies are harming America, but they are moving forward with the Build Back Better initiative because they know Republicans will take back the House in the 2022 midterms.

Representative Kevin McCarthy spoke on the floor of the House for 8 hours and 33 minutes last Friday to block a vote on the social spending plan.
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“Remember what AOC yelled at me from the back of the room when I quoted” congressman ​[Abigail] spanberger, who said. “We didn’t pick Joe Biden as FDR” to give us a new deal. AOC yelled, “I did it.” It is the socialist wing of the Democratic Party that has taken over. Never before in American history has such a huge bill passed,” McCarthy said, referring to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).​

Democratic Senator Jon Tester admitted there will be “changes” in the House version when it comes to the Senate and warned his colleagues to be ready to “make compromises”.

Montana tester was asked on NBC News’ “Meet the Press” whether the social spending package hoped to win 50 Democratic votes in the Senate at all costs.

He said the chamber has a “great opportunity to do some great things” in childcare, fighting climate change, lowering healthcare and the cost of prescription drugs, but Senate members must ” open to compromise”.

“And I think if we compromise like we did in the bipartisan infrastructure package where we had five Democrats and five Republicans arguing and fighting, and coming to a bill that would work, I think it’s the same within the 50 Democrats, also . We don’t all see the world the same way,” he said on the show.

“So let’s negotiate and let’s come up with a bill that will cut costs for families and lower taxes, and get things done to move this economy forward so that we can remain the number one power in the world,” added Tester.

NBC’s Chuck Todd asked him if he was a supporter of the legislation, ignoring the details.

Jon Tester.
Democratic Senator Jon Tester admitted there will be “changes” in the House’s version of the Build Back Better plan when it comes to the Senate.
Evelyn Hockstein/Pool via AP

“Oh no. No no no no no. It’s coming from the House. There’s going to be some changes. I’m going to compare it to what Montana needs, and that’s what I’m focusing on. But look, we’re dealing with reasonable folks, I think we can come up with a bill that’s a really, really good bill that works for states like Montana and other states in the union,” he said.

The House passed the Build Back Better plan on Friday by 220-213 votes after months of controversial debate among Democrats over the spending package’s provisions and how it would be paid for.

The price tag has been the subject of a furious discussion.

The impartial Congressional Budget Office estimated the bill’s 10-year cost at $1.68 trillion, while Democrats have quoted $1.85 trillion.

But independent analyzes have claimed the real price of the measure will be closer to $5 trillion if temporary programs and tax credits are extended through 2031.

Jon Tester.
sen. Jon Tester said Senate members should be “open to compromise”.
J. Scott Applewhite/AP

The president praised the plan at events, saying it would be paid for in full by a corporate tax hike and stepping up the IRS’s enforcement powers to tackle tax fraud.​

Republican government leader Chris Sununu of New Hampshire said, “Nobody is buying that.”

In response to a question from CNN’s Dana Bash that Democrats have ways to offset the costs, Sununu said, “Yeah, it’s called taxes.”

As governor, he said he has tried to keep taxes lower, even as politicians in Washington continue to raise them.

But inflation, which has peaked in 30 years, is also a burden on Americans.

Kevin Mccarthy.
Representative Kevin McCarthy claimed that Democrats understand how their “big government” policies hurt America, but they push through because they know Republicans will take back the House in the midterm elections.
Fox news

“Inflation by itself is the worst tax you can impose on low- and middle-income families across America, because they have to buy a gallon of gas like everyone else. And so this idea that this — we’re going to spend $1.75 trillion, but trust us, it’s not going to cost you anything, nobody is buying that,” Sununu said on “State of the Union.”​

Brian Deese, the director of the White House National Economic Council, said the Senate bill’s prospects look promising now that the House has been secured.

​”This is a process and one that we have been going through here for months, working closely with and listening to members of both the House and Senate. The House milestone was a big and important step in getting this bill passed, and now we’re going to the Senate. And we will work with every member of the Senate on this bill,” Deese said “Fox News Sunday.”​

He said the results of those negotiations have led to an understanding of the implications of the legislation for American families, such as getting them back to work by arranging childcare and extending child tax credits.​

“We have broad agreement on those provisions. And so I expect if we go to the Senate, we’ll have a lot of momentum, we’ll work like the congressional process does, we’ll work on getting a bill through the Senate. We’ll have 50 votes necessary, and then it goes back to the House and to the President’s office,” he said.​


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