Jordan announces entry into Corona’s third wave: coming weeks “decisive”

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Dr. Jordan, Secretary General of the Ministry of Health for Epidemiology and responsible for the new corona virus file. Adel al-Balbisi announced on Sunday that Jordan had entered the third wave. Epidemic

Al-Balbisi told Jordan TV in a statement that the country had entered a third wave, adding: “If we look at the numbers, we were recording 7,000,000 cases per week 4 or 5 weeks ago, and that number has risen to 9,000. And then 12 thousand, and now we’ve recorded about 20 thousand in the week that ended last Friday.

He went on to say that “the coming weeks will be decisive, as we can determine our position on that wave,” and pointed out that “the percentage of positive cases increased from 5 to 8, and this is an indicator. Not in our favor, but in our favor.” The indicator is the number of beds and the ministry’s ability to accommodate patients.

“The capacity of the hospital is very good and not more than 30 per cent, and we still have 70 per cent of the capacity, but we will not wait until that capacity is very low and there is no occupancy rate,” he said. 70 and 80%. “

“From now on, we must take decisive action to safeguard the achievements we have made,” he said. He said that the citizens want to wear masks, maintain social distance, not hold big gatherings and get vaccinated.

He added, “I would like to give an example that on Friday we vaccinated only 2,000 people and on Saturday we vaccinated only about 11,000 people even though our vaccination capacity exceeded 100,000.” He continued, “We want to increase the demand for vaccines because we do not want to reach the stage of closure, as happened in Europe.”

On Sunday, Jordan’s health ministry announced that the state had recorded 14 deaths and 3,579 new infections from the corona virus, bringing the total number to 11,361 deaths and 914,849 infections.


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Jordan announces entry into Corona's third wave: coming weeks "decisive" 2

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