Ethnic biased medical devices … and the UK intervenes

London – Reuters

The UK on Sunday called for international action on medical devices such as oxygen meters that work well for white people, saying inequality could have killed ethnic minority patients during the “COVID-19” epidemic.

Health Minister Sajid Javid said he had requested a study on the issue after learning that devices that measure blood oxygen levels and were important in assessing cases of people with “COVID-19” give less accurate reading to people with dark skin.

He added in an interview with the BBC: “This is normal all over the world. It’s about racial prejudice in some medical devices. It is not intended, but it exists. The oxygen meter is a really good example of this.

Asked if some patients died from “COVID-19” disease due to this defect, Javid said: “I think it is possible. I do not have the complete facts.

He said: “Inequality is due to the large number of white-populated countries producing many medical devices, medicines, procedures and special books.”

Explaining the US Secretary of State’s interest in the matter, he said he had already discussed the issue with his US counterpart.


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Ethnic biased medical devices ... and the UK intervenes 2

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