dr. Anthony Fauci returns to definition of ‘fully vaccinated’ – Deadline

Fully vaccinated doesn’t necessarily mean you got a Covid-19 booster, said dr. Anthony Faucic in a Sunday interview with ABC‘s This week.

“If you look at the data we have now, fully vaccinated, by definition, the original two doses are.” [of] … Pfizer and Moderna and a single dose with [the one-shot Johnson & Johnson],” Fauci told ABC anchor Martha Raddatz On This week.

“We’ll continue to track the data because right now, when we’re boosting people, we’re tracking them. We’re going to look at the durability of that protection, and as we always do, just follow and let the data guide your policies and let the data guide your recommendations.”

The statement contradicts Fauci’s previous claims that boosters were needed to be fully vaccinated. Fauci previously said booster shots should be part of the “standard regimen.”

Despite the flip-flop on the definition, Fauci still recommended booster shots for adults 18 and older. He also said that while the federal definition of fully vaccinated did not include boosters, he said adding that recommendation is a possibility in the future.

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dr. Anthony Fauci returns to definition of 'fully vaccinated' - Deadline 2

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