Bureau of Meteorology Says ‘Really Good Chance’ November Will Be Wettest Ever in Canberra | The Canberra Times

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There’s a “really good chance” November will be the wettest on record in Canberra, with southern NSW also facing a gloomy summer. Canberrans have howled through an unseasonably cold November, with temperatures falling below three degrees, and are being advised not to pack their raincoats just yet. Those who flock to the south coast in the coming months have also been warned that they may be disappointed, with the east coast in particular geared to a wet summer spell. The Bureau of Meteorology was to formally announce La Nina — it was already in “alarm phase” — meaning the soggy conditions on the east coast could last for six months. More than 107 millimeters fell on the ACT in the first 20 days of this month, just 30 millimeters less than the wettest November on record. And with more rain forecast in the coming weeks, BOM NSW and ACT manager Agata Imielska said that threshold could well be crossed. “There is a very good chance that we will see the record break,” she said. READ MORE NEWS: Travel to the region returned this month after the ACT’s toughest and longest shutdown, and businesses on the south coast — which have been battling wildfires and the pandemic in recent months — have begged Canberrans to return. But travelers looking for a South Coast getaway were disappointed, the BOM predicted. Ms Imielska said the best beach weather would be limited, with the east coast facing a particularly bleak few months. “It may not be the absolutely picturesque, clear sky for summer,” she said. “It doesn’t mean we won’t get those … but there might not be that many. It can also be a little stuffy, [given] everything is so wet all over the state.” While temperatures were set to soar, Ms Imielska said the summer was expected to be wetter and colder than usual. “Those cloudy conditions really hold…a lid on those maximum temperatures that still warm,” she said. Central and northern NSW were prepared for flash flooding this week, and Sydney will also receive 50 millimeters on Sunday alone. Our journalists work hard to provide local, current news to the community. can continue to get to our trusted content:


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Bureau of Meteorology Says 'Really Good Chance' November Will Be Wettest Ever in Canberra | The Canberra Times 2

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