A surprise at Big Rami’s second wedding

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Egyptian bodybuilder Rami al-Subai or Big Rami, who recently won the title of Mr. Olympia for the second time at the International Bodybuilding Championships, topped the search engines in Egypt and the Arab world after news of his marriage broke. The second time without the knowledge of his first wife.

Some sympathized with his first wife and the mother of his three daughters, who reported on news sites that they only knew about his marriage through media and social media platforms.

Sources close to the Egyptian hero confirmed his second marriage on Thursday, adding that his first wife, who is related to him, had recently separated and was surprised not to be welcomed at the airport after Carro returned from the United States. The source did not disclose the reason.

Child behavior modification expert Shaima Zuhri commented on Big Rami’s marriage and polygamy in Egypt, saying the law should be changed and the wife’s rights should be changed, even with a small percentage of the husband’s money collected during the marriage. After the divorce, and during his conversation about Big Rami’s first wife, he added: “Six people who shared the struggle went with him for training and prepared a large meal for him, including 200 eggs a day. Well, what is forbidden is to live a miserable or poor life. “


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A surprise at Big Rami's second wedding 2

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