Will the GOP go along with the COP26 pact?

Will The Gop Go Along With The Cop26 Pact?

The Republican delegation went to COP26 with a clear message: Both sides recognize the need to fight climate change. But did world leaders take them seriously? And how will Republican leaders sell that pivot to Republican voters? Fresh off his trip to Glasgow, Scotland, Rep. Garret Graves, a Louisiana Republican, with POLITICO’s Ryan Heath. He shares — if not a commitment to the Build Back Better plan — his ideas about turning climate promises into climate action.

About how Republicans and Democrats share more than they may think about climate policy

“If I go into a very liberal room, and I might go in there and start talking about how to improve the competitiveness of American companies on a global scale, I might get a little interested. But if I say those same words in a more conservative Republican hall, I think you get a lot more attention. The point is you can talk about the same damn thing, but you can talk about it in different ways.” — Rep. Garret Graves (R-La.), Senior Member of the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis

About the limitations of COPs

“What happens if you go back to your employer and you present something and they say, ‘Well, this isn’t right’ and you come back a second or third time, a fourth time, a 25th time? At some point, I’m going to take a guess that your employer will be like, ‘You know what? I think you may be in the wrong field.” And this was the 26th COP and emissions are still rising.”

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Will the GOP go along with the COP26 pact? 3

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