Swiss government: same-sex couples can get married from July 1

GENVE (AP) — The Swiss executive announced on Wednesday that same-sex couples will be able to get married from July 1 next year, boosting the resounding support that Swiss voters have expressed in a referendum.

The Federal Council said officially that from January 1, Switzerland would recognize same-sex couples married in other countries, instead of continuing to treat unions as simple civil partnerships.

In setting a date for the entry into force of the voter-approved “Marriage for All” law, which was passed by voters in September, the council said registered partnerships would no longer be possible in Switzerland from July 1. 2007, she will be allowed to maintain without having to get married.

Switzerland is one of the few remaining countries in Western Europe where gay and lesbian couples do not yet have the right to marry.

The referendum passed by an overwhelming majority on Sept. 26 will put same-sex partners in the wealthy Alpine country on an equal footing with heterosexual couples, including allowing them to adopt children together and sponsor a spouse for citizenship. .

Supporters of the referendum had admitted it would be months before same-sex marriage could begin, mainly for administrative and legislative procedures.


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Swiss government: same-sex couples can get married from July 1 2

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