Council rookie wins mayoral appearance in Shire

Cr Gavin Gamble, who was elected to the council in last year’s election, will serve his first term in the top office after being voted on Tuesday night. He beat former mayor Cr Owen Sharkey and Cr Ian Getsom for the top job. “As mayor, I would dedicate myself to the role full-time,” he said during his speech. CR Gamble campaigned for the county’s funding for a year that includes both federal and state elections. He will be joined by outgoing Mayor Cr Helena Kirby as deputy. Although Cr Gamble failed to secure an absolute majority on the first ballot, a tiebreaker between him and Cr Getsom saw him narrowly elected 4-3. “I have a genuine passion for this Shire – its environment, its people, its diversity and its potential. I’m excited about the opportunity to accomplish great things for our community,” he said. “The second year of our Council term will be a busy one as we continue to deliver the 2021-2025 Council Plan for the people of Golden Plains Shire.” When elected to the council last year, his priorities were to take action to address the ongoing challenges of climate change, beautify and maintain townships and bring better transportation and recreational opportunities to the county. He also works in the Infrastructure and Development portfolio of the municipality. In addition to his board experience, Cr Gamble has volunteered to serve as part of the Turtle Bend Management Committee, Friends Groups, and a Cub Scout Leader. Cr Gamble also thanked the outgoing mayor for her commitment and dedication to the role during the coronavirus pandemic. “Her guidance, kind words and encouragement were appreciated by all of us, especially the newer councillors,” he said. “We are a great county, offering a great quality of life and we need to secure this for the future with quality developments, planning and infrastructure.” Stay Informed Geelong Advertiser

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Council rookie wins mayoral appearance in Shire 2

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