Bedford Murder Case Resolved After 34 Years – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Bedford Murder Case Resolved After 34 Years – Nbc 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

A Bedford murder case of a 32-year-old woman has been resolved as a cold Texas case after 34 years. city ​​announced on Monday.

Janet Love was found murdered in her apartment at L. Don Dodson Drive on April 24, 1986. Two of Love’s co-workers came to her apartment after she missed her job as a ticket agent for Delta Airlines. The police determined that Love had been sexually assaulted and then shot and killed.

For years, investigators followed possible leads, but no suspect could be identified. That is until recently. Modern DNA technology allowed researchers to examine the samples left behind on site. That evidence was then fed into the FBI Combine DNA Index System (CODIS). Detectives continued the investigation, but the sample never matched any other offender entered into CODIS.

In 2020, a grant from the Texas Department of Public Safety called the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative Program would fund further DNA research. With the help of a genealogist and that data, the name of the suspect was discovered.

In September, Bedford police identified Ray Anthony Chapa as the perpetrator of Love’s murder. According to police, Chapa lived in a nearby apartment complex less than 300 meters away.

Chapa died of a terminal illness in January 2021. Police are continuing to investigate any additional offenses Chapa may have committed in the DFW area or other areas where he lived, such as Chicago or Montana

If you believe Chapa may have been linked to other crimes, call Bedford Police at 817-952-2647.


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