Three al-Qaeda fighters have been killed in a US operation in Yemen

Three Al-Qaeda Fighters Have Been Killed In A Us Operation In Yemen

Aden: “Bay”

An airstrike in central Yemen on Sunday killed three people, including two gunmen linked to the extremist group al-Qaeda, according to two government officials. Coalition airstrikes to support legitimacy inflicted new losses on Huthi militias. People and vehicles west of Marib.

An International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) security official said the bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a U.S. military base. He added that “three people, one civilian and two gunmen, who may be associated with the terrorist organization, came to the ambulance to treat the injured, but their car was hit by a drone, which killed them.” Another government official in the border area between the governors of Shabwa and al-Bayda (central) where the incident took place confirmed the details of the two strikes and the death toll, noting that the dead were civilians and with whom. The gunmen belonged to the local tribe.

Al-Qaeda fighters have been rampant in Yemen for more than two decades, and have taken advantage of the turmoil in recent years, especially in the south, to try to consolidate their position. The center of the country. Washington considers al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula to be the most dangerous branch of al-Qaeda in the world, and has always expressed concern about strengthening its influence by taking advantage of the chaos caused by the armed conflict.

Meanwhile, an Arab coalition aircraft repulsed an imminent attack by Huthi militias targeting the Balak area of ​​western Marib. Sources said the coalition operation was carried out during a gathering of Huthi elements to attack eastern “Al-Balak” and indicated that six Huthi military vehicles were destroyed and more than 700 Huthi were killed during the operation. The coalition, which supports legitimacy in Yemen, had earlier announced that it had carried out 22 operations in the past 24 hours targeting Huthi militia facilities and elements in Sirwah, al-Bayda and al-Jaaf. The coalition said the targeted operations included the destruction of 19 military vehicles and the elimination of 80 terrorist elements.

In return, the Yemeni army declared human and material losses to the Huthi militia’s ranks, along with its coalition aircraft supporting the fire and legitimacy of its forces on the Al-Juba front. The Yemeni Armed Forces Media Center said the army and resistance forces launched pre-emptive strikes on enemy positions, during which they managed to destroy the militia’s capabilities, and killed and wounded several Huthi elements, including area leaders.


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Three al-Qaeda fighters have been killed in a US operation in Yemen 3

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