The Saints added 5 to their playlist – AFL New Zealand

Southern Cents have added five more players to their 2022 squad.

With the transfer to Canterbury next season, the Saints withdrew from the national draft, with the priority of securing locally based players to make the Southern Saints a bigger part of the team.

Today, Paul Hogan, Lane Maximming, Chris Morel, Jack Pennickett and Chris Wilder all signed up for the 2022 season.

Lane and Chris were both premiership winners from the Giants in their debut season. Lane is a tough running midfielder, while Chris is a strong defender who can bust through the pack.

Paul Hogan will find himself in a new color for the first time after spending 3 years with the sun. Paul is a major back that is hard to beat. The Irishman has twice been named in the Premiership Team of the Year and is looking forward to donating the Saints jumpers in 2022.

Chris Wilder is a leading forward who likes goals. A strong mark, Chris Canterbury plays for the University Cougars in the AFL League.

Finally, Jack Penniket will make his premiere debut, but playing for the Christchurch Bulldogs has made an impact.

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The Saints added 5 to their playlist - AFL New Zealand 2

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