Labor remains soft on the 2030 emissions target

Labor Remains Soft On The 2030 Emissions Target

Opposition leader Anthony Albanese said Labor had plenty of time to pursue its goal of reducing emissions by 2030.

Mr Albanese said the opposition would continue its mid-term emission targets following the ongoing COP26 climate summit in Glasgow.

“We will have plenty of time to discuss what our medium-term objectives are and what they will do,” Mr Albanese told ABC Radio on Friday.

He will not be interested in whether he supports the draft COP26 decision to reduce emissions by 45 percent by 2030.

“If you are serious about policy and you are serious about becoming an alternative government – not a fringe group or a small party that can say what it likes – if you want to be accountable for what you say, you need to make sure it is done right. Thought, “said Mr. Albanese.

He emphasized the need to focus on global warming, and said that it was even more important now with the crisis over global warming.

“You need to be transitionable and you need to make sure that you use more renewable energy when transitioning and with battery storage – and that you reduce your emissions over time – while protecting your financial base, protecting employment,” Mr Albanese said. .

He called on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to continue modeling for a government that aims to achieve zero emissions by 2050.

Mr Morrison indicated it would be released on November 22 before returning to the final session of the federal parliament for the year.

The prime minister had set Australia’s net zero target by 2050, a sign that Glasgow had signed a few days earlier.

It was one of the last countries to reach net zero by 2050.

“Our approach to tackling climate change is not about increasing the cost of your gasoline or electricity, it’s about reducing the cost of the choices you want to make,” Mr Morrison told 3AW Radio.


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