Gold Coast residents are looking for a possible return to the lockout if the Queensland Mystery COVID-19 outbreak escalates.

Gold Coast Residents Are Looking For A Possible Return To The Lockout If The Queensland Mystery Covid-19 Outbreak Escalates.

Gold Coast residents are facing the possibility of returning to lockouts, face masks and sanctions if the latest mystery COVID-19 outbreak escalates.

Tourist Strip vaccination rates lag behind the rest of the state, with only 66.3 percent of residents aged 16 and over double the dose.

It comes after one The second unlinked COVID case Was discovered on the Gold Coast in several days.

Natasha Yates, an assistant professor at Bond University in general practice, said any further cases would warrant a shorter, faster lockout.

“I don’t really want a lockout, I don’t think any of us want to lock up,” Dr. Yates said.

“But the problem is, as we have seen in other places, if you don’t lock up quickly, it will spread and get out of control.

“None of us want to walk this Christmas.

“There’s a need for more for the Gold Coast community because there’s so much depression.”

Vaccine bottles were thrown out on the Gold Coast

Yesterday’s case was of a double-vaccinated Rideshare driver in his 500s living in Carrara who had been contagious to the community for three days.

Dr Yates said the outbreak had given people a new sense of urgency to vaccinate, but the vaccine bottles had been thrown out due to the slow uptake.

Dr Natasha Yates says she hopes the cowardly fear will inspire Gold Coast residents to “move forward”.(Supply: Natasha Yates)

“We are saddened to have to throw bottles of Pfizer and AstraZeneca on the Gold Coast,” she said.

“Doctors, first of all, try and see if there is another common practice that can be used before their expiration.

“It’s frustrating because if they had been given to residents in the last few weeks, we wouldn’t be so worried now.

“We’re really able to pretend that Covid doesn’t exist to a large extent, so I doubt that if it spreads, that’s what we’ll need to move the Gold Coast forward.”

Dr Yates claims that patients who are hesitant about the vaccine want to “wait and see” if more safety information comes out.

“We have now vaccinated half the world and we have 11 months of safety data and billions of people have been vaccinated.

“So I don’t think there’s anything to wait and see.”

The Premier is preparing to impose additional restrictions on the venue

Premier Anastasia Palaszuk said she was blocking the Gold Coast from being locked up for now, but would do so if necessary.

“Let’s see how it goes in the next 24 or 48 hours,” she said.

The good news here is that the Uber driver was fully vaccinated.


“But what can I say to other Gold Coast residents, you should check when and where to visit restaurants on Uber because it will make our contact tracing much easier.”

He again urged the gold coasters to come out and get vaccinated.

Ms. Palaskzuk urged people to consider wearing masks on public transport and in crowded places where they cannot be socially isolated.

The advice comes two days after Queenslanders said it was now safe to mask, thanks to the statewide 80 percent first-dose vaccination target being reached.

Vaccine data show that 79.2 percent of people on the Gold Coast have received their first dose, with the double dose rate nagging at 64 percent.

Outside, A Woman Was Shot In The Head.
Dr Christie Shirt says locking up is the only way to prevent covid epidemics from spreading to unvaccinated areas.(ABC News: Mark Leonardi)

‘Lockdown is not a thing of the past’

Christie Shirt, a virologist at the University of Queensland, said areas with low vaccination rates should expect temporary lockdowns and severe bans.

“There are some communities where there are really, really low vaccination rates and if there is a potential for covid epidemic, there is a way to control the lockdown to reduce the speed at which it spreads,” Dr Shurt said.

“Lockdowns are not a thing of the past because the state average is more than 800 percent.

“So these measures will continue and vaccination is important.

“But unless we increase that vaccination rate, we will have to rely on methods that have helped us in the past.”

Recent Gold Coast issues have added a string of new contact sites List of exposure sites, Including an electronics store and coffee shop in Robina.

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Gold Coast residents are looking for a possible return to the lockout if the Queensland Mystery COVID-19 outbreak escalates. 8

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