Criticism of Twitter is spreading conservative feathers

Criticism Of Twitter Is Spreading Conservative Feathers

Conservative political figures and journalists promoting the Liberal Party are trying to silence critics on social media, writes Dr. Jennifer Wilson.

The relationship between Some journalists And Twitter Australian Political Demographics – #auspol – For some time the old low-level protests have been going on together. Like the enemy dogs on either side of the bar, the two sides engage in a period of barbaric hunger when mutual aggression is at its peak, and when the external events of the fight demand attention, they retreat temporarily. Recently, however, there has been a quick move to Auspol, which demands a closer look.

In recent weeks, Prof. Peter van Onsellen, Professor of Journalism at the University of Western Australia, and for some time political ideology Sky News, Channel 10 and ABC, with two notorious alleged sexual harassers, MPs Christian Porter And Andrew Lamming, Instructed the lawyer Rebecca Giles Academic and Twitter user to send concern information and requests to professors for cost Gemma Kerry.

The preamble to the defamation suit has to do with the comments Kerry posted on social media platforms that clearly insulted three people. The details of the story can be read Here And Here.

Next, Aspol’s followers were provoked by a series of blatantly psychophantic tweets published by the co-creator of Nine News. Gillian LantourisIn Melbourne, Prime Minister Scott Morrison is shown a video of Gnocchi rolling dough, cutting hair and eating spring rolls.

These cunning stunts are clearly the beginning of Morrison’s election campaign, until he announces that campaign and generously inspects the former Liberal treasurer, one of the Liberal Party’s many propaganda weapons, until he is paid. Peter Costello.

The Tweeps have disregarded Ms. Lantauris for this informal drive (including violent teen commentary). Posted by former federal politician Cheryl Kernot. Oddly enough, Kernot’s accurate observations were then described by an ABC senior political journalist Andrew Probin Like ‘Threat‘Which, he advised us, is not good.

Aspol reacted strongly to the journalist’s legitimate criticism, calling it a “threat” and calling Probin to the platform, “Proportional“For her problem.

The plan of all these things may seem trivial, however, let’s take a closer look. As mentioned earlier, Van Onslaun is a professor of journalism. Unequal profession Affected by Australia’s strict defamation laws and still, this act is a prerequisite of the professor. He did not contact Kerry and did not ask her to remove the post. He went straight to the threat of litigation, apparently collaborating with two notorious liberal politicians, creating an axis of religiosity that is remarkable in itself, giving it its origin.

Many journalists never tire of pointing out, Australian Twitter Small platform With a small reader. If that is the case, then why are they forced to make such a fuss about it? Kerry’s tweet was largely unanswered until Van Onslain took legal action. Now the story is covered Independent Australia The Daily Mail UK, Cricky And continues On Twitter.

This is known as the result Streisand effectDefamation proceedings expose the defendant more than ever before.

Of course, this could be the professor’s intention.

Kings of Defamation: Porter, Lamming, Barillaro, Dutton et al

In a series of defamation cases, Coalition lawmakers Barillaro, Dutton, Porter, Laming and others have stopped pressing citizens to open their mouths.

Defamation threats frighten not only the recipient but everyone on social media. They a Cold effect In speech and what he is designed to do.

Van Onslain, Porter and Lamming, by accident or design, are part of a conservative push to control the expression of public opinion on social media platforms. This includes pushing Morrison’s repeated threats Forcing platforms to force users to identify themselves. For anonymous donors Parliamentary legal fees Are acceptable to the Prime Minister; Anonymous social media accounts, not many.

Andrew Probin may not care to see himself as part of this conservative push, but it is undeniable that he is echoing the zeitgeist. Criticizing a journalist is not the same as threatening them The most capable argument In this publication, Dr. Martin Hurst. While there is no doubt that some journalists – especially women – are treated disrespectfully on social media, this fact is often used to obscure legitimate criticism that is now mixed in language with threats to the Orleans degree, as demonstrated by Probin’s ridiculous accusations. There is criticism Weapons used And those who dare to do so are considered “bullies”.

While it would be futile to suggest a conspiracy involving the Three Men issue and Probin, there is no doubt that all four echoes, in their own way, continue the Morrison government’s ongoing efforts to curb criticism, disagreement and opinion.

Being predisposed to the threat of unequal defamation when those powerful men hurt their feelings is not just an over-reaction of the highly sensitive self-related ego. This is the message sent to all of us on social media: insult me, and I will crush you.

Twitter fights defamation threats against Porter, Van Onslain and Laming

The defamation suit against Professor Gemma Kerry by Porter, Van Onslain and Laming is about the use of force and control, writes Hayden O’Connor.

Van Onslain specifically highlighted this unwavering desire to grind on the ground when he tweeted:

Probin’s deliberate misunderstanding of the serious nature of the threat and the appropriation of the word as a weapon is similarly the use of a sledgehammer in someone’s book, threatening and dismissing legitimate criticism of the dreaded failure of journalism. The stated purpose of the fourth estate is to speak the truth to the authorities, not to fall into the power of cutting hair and pointing fingers at Gnochi’s flour. It is unclear why a senior political journalist felt compelled to defend this slavish tribute to the Prime Minister.

Dr. Jennifer Wilson An IA columnist, a psychiatrist and an educator. You can follow Jennifer on Twitter NoPlaceForSheep.

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