The most desired color, revealed

With the rising popularity of interior design content on social media, it’s no surprise that people may now be rethinking their design home decor. Since around this time last year, searches for “what color should I paint my kitchen” have increased by 55% according to Google Trends data.

Eager to explore current home redesign trends, compiled a list of 50 popular kitchen colors from a range of sources, and used SEMRush’s search function to discover the average monthly global search volumes for each color. This allowed to rank the most and least popular colors to paint your kitchen in 2021.

The top 10 popular colors to paint your kitchen

The top 10 popular colors to paint your kitchen found that white is the most popular color to paint your kitchen in 2021. The term ‘white kitchen’ receives an average of 84,700 searches worldwide every month! White is a very popular color among celebrities such as Beyoncé, Kris Jenner and Celine Dion who all prefer white finishes.

Tip: It may take two to three coats of white paint to really make the color pop, so it’s important to have enough paint!

In second place is green, with an average worldwide search volume of 57,800 per month. Last year, Architectural Digest revealed that 50 Shades actor Dakota Johnson has a beloved green kitchen in her mid-century LA home.

Tip: Painting your kitchen a cool color, such as sage or teal, can make your kitchen space appear larger.

In third place is a black kitchen, which receives an average of 49,300 searches per month worldwide.

Tip: Accentuating your kitchen with complementary colors (colors that are opposite each other on a color wheel) can really “pop” the room. However, by using analogous colors, colors that blend from one to another (such as black to blue) can really unite a room and help promote a peaceful atmosphere.

Psychologist and founder of Dennis Relojo-Howell explained the results:

“Looking at the list of top colors, one immediately stands out: red. Red is something you’ve probably seen a lot of in advertising, and there’s a good reason for it. It is the color of fire, which radiates intensity and passion. Red is also the color that radiates exuberant energy, so you can expect it to create a frenzied atmosphere in a kitchen too. Not only that, red is known to boost appetite, so it’s not just for the kitchen, but the dining room as well.

“Blue is known to promote calming qualities that can transform busy spaces like the kitchen into one with a more relaxed atmosphere. You can also opt for pastels by combining white with most colors. This two-tone palette can also radiate a refreshing vibe .

“Along with colors and the rich aroma of your recipe, features and decorative accessories can also promote a warm feeling that can make the kitchen even more unique from other spaces in your home.”

The 10 least popular colors to paint your kitchen can also reveal the least popular of the colors analyzed to paint your kitchen.

The 10 least popular colors to paint your kitchen

This study found that warm colors, such as red and yellow, were more popular than cooler colors (such as blue and green).

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