The Informer: Freedom, but what about the cost for a ‘crash test dummy’ NSW? | Goulburn post

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This weekend can only be calm before the storm. “Independence Day” (but don’t call it that) is almost here for the NSW, where coronavirus-related restrictions will ease considerably on Monday as the state takes the first step to live with Covid1 and create the remnants of a strict lockout. The past Important sections of Australia are currently subject to equally severe limitations in life, and nowhere to be immune from an outbreak, the NSW will be seen outside with those stale breaths. Every other jurisdiction, after all, can learn from the largest population of Australian states as it effectively takes the role of an accident test dummy first to open despite a significant number of cases. This will be at an interesting time, with NSW Saturday recording the lowest daily number of locally acquired coronavirus infections since mid-August. The new Premier Dominic Perrottet is not in any confusion about the fact that the numbers will not continue to decline. “We know that when we open, the number of cases will increase,” he said. “But the key to keeping people safe is our high vaccination rates.” So, now, we are waiting to discover the value of freedom. While Covid 1 fig has symbolically shaken the foundations of society, the earth really moved on Saturday morning. Two weeks after the 5.8-magnitude quake in Victoria, more than 100 people contacted the state emergency services to report a magnitude 4.8 quake near Murrayville, near the South Australian border. Elsewhere in Victoria, a police officer with 11 years of experience has resigned because she believes state forces “intimidate people in the community” by enforcing public health orders. If you’re looking for something lighter, read one of these inspiring stories about a mother who is trying her first marathon today, unable to run around the block after only two and a half years. Or check out the flight by the girls, a new song and music video recorded in full during the lockdown and featuring girls from across the country. Did you know that you can receive this daily digest by email? Sign up here for the news you know:


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