Affordability in real time (video analysis)

I posted a few months ago Expenses, A Scott Pendlebury video of what they are, what you want them to do in training through your activity design, how to train them and what it looks like to be a pro.

Affordances are “invitations to work”, usually only very temporarily available and what strengths you see are mostly based on your game experience rather than taken on the basis of your financial and psychological profile.

Let’s set the scene for your video to really follow.

  • We were playing a winless down team on his home deck with some of our top players injured.
  • They came to play this week like no other game, with a sniff of victory.
  • We probably thought it was going to be easy then what it was out there with those players.
  • The last minute score of this video game is tied with we were 22 out of 22 scoring shots.

The pressure to say the least is definitely high at this point.

What happened here …

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