Vaccine administration at APJC: Path ahead in 2021

Since the calendar changed to April 2021, we are concerned about last year and, more importantly, looking forward to it with determination and hope. As vaccine administration increases in APJC areas, with the continuation of successful public health measures such as mandatory masks and social distance, we expect ourselves to be vigilant. A successful rollout – both at home and abroad – paves the way for a more open world in 2021.

Vaccine administration support

Since the first announcement of Cisco’s practical vaccine, it has been intended to assist efficient vaccine administration. We have worked with our partners to create scalable solutions that can be implemented in the healthcare and public sectors. Whether we’re assisting with easy diagnosis and patient access, enabling faster deployment of pop-up vaccine sites, or ensuring safe storage of COVID-1 vaccine vaccines – we are committed to providing smart, timely and effective solutions.

We are all predicting a huge availability of vaccines globally – knowing that without swine disease resistance we are still far from the normal health standards in our community. We also understand the importance of the capacity of our governments and health systems when vaccines are available for them. Systems and procedures need to be in place to ensure smooth rollout. We are working with partners in this field to make group vaccinations a reality when their time comes. That reality is not far away, with Australia marking 1,000,000 vaccines A few days ago China is reporting more than 100 million reportsOne week vaccination.

The path ahead

Safe, scalable vaccine administration at APJC is complex but at Cisco we are excited to create forward-looking solutions. Vaccine administration and inter-related industries play a role for its greater success.

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