The Conjuring: The devil gave me a review

James Vaughan, who directed the previous two installments, has stepped down this time – although he is still co-writing and producing – in the hands of Michael Chभेvez, who made his debut in the conjure universe universe. Curse of La Llorona. Van’s films were all fictional suspense, but Chभेvez worked harder and harder for the Warriors – especially Lorraine – because of their speed (she also actually takes “my handbag”) as she is arrested in connection with the murder case. The local cops also have comedy here, which is a new (and welcome) touch, as well as an emphasis on Ed and Lorraine’s romance (less welcome). Chभेvez almost reunites the couple as the supernatural equivalents of fellow soldiers – exchanging quips, solving crimes, casting spells and falling rocks, the film’s franchise climax catches on.

It’s fun and there are some decent jump fears even though they make mistakes in favor of the basics – The devil made me do this The first two conjuring films don’t have a sense of dread because it involves a lot more real death. Straight up as a monstrous horror it’s fun but fun, and as the characters from Warren get a little back story, an extra glimpse into the artwork room and at least one Misty Call past conjuring universe movies (no failures). It is the weakest of the three main films but has improved La Llorona And in 112 minutes, despite equal run time (same) THe is a concubine., But short Conjuring 2, Thanks for the goodness) It is functional enough to keep the gypsy and your toes.

Although it ends with a text related to the outcome of the Johnson case, it is still a matter of opinion. Reading Wikipedia will give you a better idea of ​​what really happened in that case, in which not everyone knew, including hints, that Warren was not as convinced that the murder was the result of a monstrous asset (which was denied by the defense judge).

“Based on a true story” is then a deceptive thing, but with some decent moments of physical horror and the best lead leads and center for the most fictional, glamorous genre ride, The Conjuring: The devil made me do this Is a worthy addition to Warren’s playbook.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me It is now premiering in UK theaters and on June 4 at HBO Max.

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