RHOP’s Giselle Bryant confirms her separation from Jamal, why she ignores Wendy and Wedge in Porsche’s marriage

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Gizelle Bryant She says Jamal Bryant The reason they follow them is because they have gone their separate ways Potomac’s real housewife Co-star Wendy Osefo. Also, he and Robin Dixon Weigh in Porsche Williams‘S mentality Simon Guowadia.

In Season six trailerGiselle, who fell apart earlier this week, discussed her relationship with Jamal after she revealed that the epidemic had strained her revived romance. But while promoting her new joint podcast with Robin, Giselle dropped out.

“There is an update. There’s a plot twist, ”she said Breakfast Club On May 28 “So, [Jamal and I] We were working back together, and coming back together, but he lives in Atlanta. I live in Maryland. With the epidemic, we realized that this was not the right time. This cable Will not work

“Now I am free of flowers and fancy. I’m single, “she says.” I’m enjoying my hot girl summer, spring, winter and autumn. “

Still, the three-year-old mother made it clear that Jamal would always be a part of her life, whatever it was, and she claimed they were still in good condition.

“Jamal is always in my life. He is the father of all my children, ”she explained. “We are together and in each other’s lives [for] 2 years He is my best friend and I love him. I don’t know anyone better than I know Jamal Bryant. ”

EveryHue Beauty founder also asked Wendy about her bull and why she asked Now following her co-star On Instagram Of course, Gisele answered the shadows.

“I did not follow him. “Wendy is one of our new ladies,” she said. “How can we describe her …. so she wasn’t interested because I made her look bad. I was scrolling and I thought, ‘It doesn’t look interesting,’ so I didn’t follow.”

Gizelle then went on to explain why Wendy was unhappy with him, which was also teased in the trailer of Six Tuko. Possibly as seen by fans in the teaser, Giselle looks like Fraud rumors About Wendy’s husband, Eddie Osefo. But according to Giselle, he did nothing wrong.

“There she thought a lot about what I did, which I didn’t do,” she asserted. “And why did he think I did it because I usually do a lot of good things and I own it, don’t I? But I came into it from a shadow perspective. [her] Life

Gizelle is close with Porsche The real housewives of Atlanta, She was also told to weigh in on her friend Engagement news, And it looks like she’s sticking with him Bravo chat room Co-host

“It’s hard to find love, or lust, or what you’re looking for on these streets,” she explained. “It’s hard to find, so if he finds it, I’m happy for him.”

However, she admits that one of her co-stars began dating Jamal and her ex-husband.

“That wouldn’t be good because we’re in something called a circle, aren’t we? But from what I understand Falynn [Guobadia] Gone. Fallon will probably never see Atlanta again to save his life. That’s fine, ”she declared.

He added, “I think sometimes things happen. I think there are boundaries and we don’t want to cross boundaries. But listen, I love Porsche, so I want him to pass it.”

How Robin feels about having sex with her co-star’s unfamiliar husband, she’s definitely “not here”.

“I wish they had waited a little longer for the release,” Robin said of their engagement announcement. “Anyway, things happen. I wasn’t really here for it. It certainly is Looks like a lot of shadows. I think they have to keep their secret for a while. “

She later added, “I’m a shadow. I can’t figure it out. I’m sorry. It doesn’t make sense to me.”

Potomac’s real housewife The season is over Premiere Sunday, July 11, at Bravo / / cc.

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