PicnicHealth and Komodo Health announce partnership to strengthen complex disease research using real-world data

PicnicHealth and Komodo Health are focusing on real-world evidence research into complex diseases such as multiple sclerosis and hemophilia.

Earlier this week, the two companies announced their partnership to jointly create an in-depth real-world patient data pool of their products using de-identified data from payers, suppliers, laboratories and electronic health records.

Specifically, Picnic Health, a healthcare technology company, combines data from Komodo’s Healthcare Map to its database of de-identified patient medical records, which analyzes the relationship between individual patient travel and large-scale health outcomes.

Data from PicnicHealth and Komodo’s healthcare map will be available to researchers in the biopharmaceutical and educational communities.

The partnership has strengthened the product offerings of both companies and can be used to support research in many areas, including cancer, rare diseases and long-term conditions, said Jason Prestinario, head of health solutions at Komodo Health. MobiHealthNews.

Leaders of Picnic Health and Komodo Health hope that their rich data proposal will help researchers overcome the following challenges as they narrow patients between providers and healthcare organizations, and clinical research settings that produce limited insights.

“By combining their own proprietary data with Komodo’s data, Picnic Health will be able to offer a more, longitudinal approach to patient experiences more specifically, for complex, hard-to-manage diseases,” Prestinario said.

Why is that

Clinical studies often lack a pool of different patients and cover a limited time frame.

1 Between 1997 and 2011, the number of ethnic minorities in clinical trials increased by about 7% Nature.

Clinical trials struggle to allow researchers to track patients ’responses to various therapies over time. Accordingly Alzheimer’s and dementia, The process from the end of a drug development to the end process takes an average of 12 years.

Real-world data can provide researchers with a leg up by providing broad, diverse and nuanced insights into long-term patient experiences.

For complex diseases such as multiple sclerosis and hemophilia, which is particularly challenging to study, real-world data can have a significant impact.

“Patients have always been at the center of medical research, but today, real-world data provides an entirely new opportunity to better understand clinical outcomes outside the context of clinical trials,” Prestinario said.

“Medical claims, EHRs, laboratories, patient-reported outcomes, wearables, and other resources provide insights into patients’ actual experiences around the world as their bedding increases or their medication changes.”

Big trend

In March, Komodo, a healthcare data analysis startup, closed 20 220 million series e fund round And the subsequent मूल्यांकन 3 billion valuation.

The use of real-world data is seeing a push.

At a time Speed ​​of HIMSS health phenomenon In March, Christopher Weave, VP and head of health economics and worldwide research results at Abbvie Emphasis on the value of real-world data Not only to overcome the limitations of clinical studies, but also to evaluate the quality, safety and efficacy of treatment from a real world perspective.

Conversations surrounding real-world data collection are taking place at every level of the healthcare industry. Pharmaceutical companies and research institutes are looking for Modernize clinical trials And, like agencies at the regulatory level FDA Pivot to keep up with the development of real world data collection. Is doing

On record

“Komodo Health and Picnic Health share a mission to use health data to better understand the disease,” said Noga Leviner, CEO and co-founder of Picnic Health. “Through this collaboration, we will work to bring our combined capabilities to work towards a deeper understanding of patient history, treatment modalities, and clinical outcomes in the real world.

“We are excited to tap into the breadth and depth of Komodo’s healthcare map to conduct groundbreaking clinical research that could benefit patients suffering from complex diseases.”

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