Jillian Michaels says she regrets lifting Lizo’s weight, standing up to criticism of obesity

Jillian has doubled down on his comments towards Michaels Lizzo.

First The biggest loser is America , 47, the star addressed her past comments about the singer, who said she regretted mentioning the ‘true hearts’ hitmaker but said she was thick.

Jillian Michael
Jillian Michaels says she regrets lifting Lizo’s weight. (YouTube)

“Every time I do an interview [Lizzo’s] “The name comes,” he began one Interview with Carlos Watson Open Carlos Watson show May 2 “I have never really raised her, she has come to me. And if possible I want to separate her from this issue. And if I asked her for the first time, she should do it.”

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“When you’re an expert in a category, you have a responsibility to tell the truth, whether it makes you popular or not,” he added.

In January 2020, Fitness Star criticized Liz’s presence in an interview BuzzFeed News, Which she asked why people are “celebrating” the musician’s body.

“Why does it matter? Why aren’t we celebrating her music? Because it wouldn’t be wonderful if she had diabetes,” she said in response to critics at the time who accused her of shaming her body. – Year old.

In an interview with Watson, Michael added that a person’s body size does not determine their value.

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“We need to convince people,” she adds. “We should not celebrate anyone because they are big, we should not celebrate anyone because they are small. We should celebrate someone because of the quality of his character.

“Thickness is just unhealthy. It is. And it has no merit in human quality. They are not connected.”

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