‘Guff Girl’ reboot debuts first trailer

For the first trailer HBO maxOf Guff Girl The reboot is here. Popular CW The show returns to television screens this July, in a highly anticipated reboot that presents a whole new generation of Upper East Side private school students. This time around, the show explores how new technologies – especially social media – are affecting teens as they are cared for by a mysterious appearance, AK Gossip Girl.

Watch the official teaser clip below:

The clip doesn’t reveal much, but we do get a brief overview of all the key cast members who will be the key players this season. The cast includes Jordan Alexander, Eli Brown, Thomas Doherty, Tavi Gavinson, Emily Eileen Lind, Evan Mack, Zion Moreno, Whitney Peak and Savannah Lee Smith.

Following the revelation of the teaser, we are welcoming Kristen BellFamiliar statement. Bell voiced her voice in the original series, The All-Knowing Blogger Guff Girl, which was heard on every episode. Adding Bell’s voice to the trailer is a nice touch, adding a layer of authenticity to the slick, updated series. While new Guff Girl Of course it will be very different – and potentially darker – it still pays homage to the show that came before it.

New Guff Girl There will probably be many references to its predecessor, thanks to the returning creative team. The series is helmeted by Joshua Safran, author and executive producer of the CW series. Original show creators Josh Swartz and Stephanie Savage are returning as executive producers.

Of Guff Girl Reboot on Thursday, July 8 at HBO More.

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