Goulburn Post went to jail ‘going’ with a cannabis drug operation instead of ice

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The court heard that a man convicted of drug trafficking in Quanbia on Wednesday was going “alone” in exchange for ice. Trent Richard Stevens, 311, of Bookham, appeared in Golburn Local Court on May 26. He accused the cannabis of being involved in fault and commercial quality, participating in the supply of banned drugs and supplying commercial quantities. The person has unauthorized rights to it. Read ALSO: Allegations related to a police investigation into Quanbeyan’s drug trade last year. Stevens and co-accused Tara Stephens-Bills, 0, were convicted of using cannabis and methamphetamine, known as “ice” or “meth”, for a drug operation from Sydney to Quanbean. Solicitor Tracy Annan told the court Stevens was “not the main culprit.” “He was not accused of participating in a criminal group, only going with the co-accused,” she said. “In return for traveling by car [Stephens-Biles]”He would get ice for his personal use.” Mrs Annan said her client started using meth on a regular basis after the birth of her twin daughter in August 2018. “At a young age she was working hard and had positive friends,” she told the court, adding that Stevens “has the support of her entire family.” Magistrate Geraldine Beatty stated that on July 25, 2020, Stevens was contacted about a gun for sale – which was described as 22, new, clean, unregistered – 00. She said Stevens contacted another man about the gun, who transferred bank 10,000 to her bank account. The court heard that the defendant withdrew money from the ATM, picked up a gun and threw it at Yas’s property. The magistrate said police had conducted two searches of Yass’s property but the gun had not been recovered until September 2020. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture. Gun for sale. “Someone else contacted him,” she said. “Stevens fully recruited the police about the gun.” “People get involved in what they do to get them, pay them, and trade for them,” she said. “You got involved in fundraising for your drug habit.” He was sentenced to nine months non-parole and 14 months full-time detention. Stephen-Bills received a total of two months in full-time detention. Our journalists work hard to provide local, up-to-date news in the community. Here’s how you can access our trusted content:



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