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We all remember that in October 2020, Kim Kardashian’s private island birthday bash came back which showed some serious reaction. Many people took to social media to express outrage at the family’s decision to ignore the Soviet 1 safety rules. It is considered by many to be careless, tone-deaf, and privileged during the global conflict.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that Kim Kardashian and the rest of the family had signed on to COVID-1 long after the controversial birthday trip. However, it was not immediately clear if the family was infected during the holiday. Yes, Kim has denied all claims that the birthday trip was the source of the virus.

Kim tested positive but decided to keep it a secret?

In its final season, the latest episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians Kim tested positive for COVID-19 last year. This fact was never revealed to fans when it happened – or even hinted at later. This comes as a major surprise for everyone watching Keeping up with the Kardashians Because of the fact that Kim has always shared her health struggles in public.

Episode 10 details how Kim was preparing “Baby bar,” retry Also known as the first year law students exam. Students must pass this exam to continue studying law. Kim Kardashian said she was not convinced that the child bar had failed in June and that she was not studying law.

In the end KUWTK, Kim Kardashian decides to continue her studies and plans about retrieving the baby bandage in November. However, a few weeks before her test, Kardashian discovered that her family had tested positive for COVID-1. Due to the positive results, the show says that all filming was stopped for fourteen days.

How exactly did Kim become positive?

On the show, Kim explains that her son, St., came in contact with the virus and tested positive. Still, the specified date will never be revealed. Buzzfeed Researched through various social media posts, matching room scenes from the event matching shoes while Kim was experiencing symptoms.

Dates then claim Kim tested positive around November. It keeps her Positive test for COVID-19 Ten days after her controversial birthday holiday. Therefore, it will be easy to understand why the family wants to keep the positive test secret from the public after the criticism of her birthday trip to the island.

When Buzzfeed Contacted Kim’s publicist for the exact date of the star’s positive test, he declined to answer. Kim herself tweeted that all the allegations of her birthday are completely false to her COVID-19 deal. Buzzfeed Kim suggested that “a positive test was performed soon after the return, and then decided against revealing her diagnosis in real time to avoid further feedback.” In what sense?

Of course, the event did not include any footage of the infamous birthday party and did not refer to any reaction to the events that took place at the time. Don’t like Other big celebrations in her life, Like her previous weddings, there is a lot of coverage of her luxurious birthday party. Hmm, we wonder why. . .

Kim’s baby bar examination and COVID-19 symptoms

Despite the debilitating symptoms of episode COVID-19, Kim is shown tirelessly trying to study for infant bar examination. Kim says in the episode: “I am so beautiful. We have to do 12-hour study sessions every day leading up to this test, but I have such a scary feeling with COVID that I can’t get out of bed. I’m in so much pain, I’ve had the most excruciating pain in my lower back, I’m so tired, I have a fever. “

Kim Kardashian certainly demonstrates excellent work ethic by continuing her extensive studies and passing all the exams while suffering from COVID-1. Maybe we’ll see In the next episode If he passed or not.

Do you think that Kim Kardashian was contracted to COVID-1 racted, while there was a lot of criticism on her birthday holiday? Let us know your principles in the comments below!

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