Celebrating National Doctor’s Day

Every year on March 30, we celebrate National Doctor’s Day in honor of physicians who have dedicated their lives to improving the health of our community. But this year in particular we want to honor the incredible sacrifices made by our dedicated doctors during the COVID-19 epidemic. We asked our two doctors to share their stories and experiences in medicine: Tarandeep Kaur, MD, Dignity Health Medical Group – Stockton and Swapna Kudtarkar, MD, Dignity Health Medical Group – a pediatrician with the Inland Empire.

Who inspired you to become a doctor?
Dr. Kaur: My sister inspired me to become a doctor. She was the first doctor in our family, so I was always watching her.

Dr. कुडतरकर: Growing up, my family doctor was a very kind, smart and trustworthy doctor. We all looked at him and trusted him. I used to go to his office with my parents and I saw how he helped everyone with his calm demeanor. I knew I wanted to help others through my profession and I was a bookworm in school, so naturally I decided to study medicine.

Dr.  कुडतरकरWhat are your proud career achievements?
Dr. Kaur: I am very proud of my ability to improve the lives of others with the skills I have acquired throughout my career.

Dr. कुडतरकर: As a primary care physician, my proud career accomplishments when I see my young adolescent patients make lifestyle changes based on the advice I give them.

What is your favorite part of working in medicine?
Dr. Kaur: Long-term relationship with my patients. I know them as outsiders and I can see improvements in their lives. I would love to know that my professional guidance has had an impact on someone.

Dr. Kudtarkar: I enjoy seeing kids in the office! Even though they are big, I like to be a part of their journey towards adulthood. I become a part of their young life. Even if I’m in a bad mood, my day is made up as soon as I see him as a laughing child or a child.

Are there any memorable moments you would like to share?
Dr. Kaur: There are so many memorable moments given that it’s hard to list them all.

Dr. कुडतरकर: When my old patients return with their own children, those are my most memorable moments. Also, when patients called me or sent me a letter to the hospital, they evaluated my care. Those are special moments too.

Has your career changed since the COVID-19 epidemic? If so, how?
Dr. Kaur: COVID-1p The epidemic has affected everyone on different levels. Yet it taught me how technology can be used to provide safe care for patients. During the epidemic, Telleth has really helped me continue to care for my patients.

Dr. कुडतरकर: Since the epidemic started, we have started using a fair amount of tail health calls. I remember seeing all of my patients physically in my exam room, but used to make virtual visits in time.

When you retire, what do you remember about your daily life as a doctor?
Dr. Kaur: I miss daily patient conversations. Each day is a learning process and being a therapist, you also learn from your patients.

Dr. कुडतरकर: I will definitely miss the human contact, especially seeing the little ones in my office. Also, I will miss chatting with my teenage patients and being updated about new trends. I will also remember my staff who worked for me for many years.

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