AFL fans question why the Demons weren’t out in their native guernsey against the Bulldogs.

AFL fans and commentators were not impressed by the decision of the Demons to leave their home goal last night due to a color clash with the Western Bulldogs outfit.

Despite the defeat, Melbourne claimed the top spot in the Bulldogs with a 28-point victory.

It is reported that weeks later the AFL told the ghosts that their predominantly red guerrilla bulldog resembled a predominantly blue guerrilla.


This comes after the AFL scolded Colwood weeks ago for the Woods and Ascendant’s Anzac Day jumpers, who were predominantly black.

Damen will play against the Brisbane Lions next week as the Sir Doug Nicholas Round is celebrated for more than two weeks.

“They (Melbourne) aren’t excited about it,” Herald Sun’s John Ralph told Fox Foot during the game.


“Melbourne produced their indigenous jumpers and they didn’t know who would give their opponents this temporary stability. It turned into the Western Bulldogs.

“They were told a month ago that this would be a significant encounter with the dog’s aboriginal jumper. They appealed that again this week they said we don’t consider it a fight, they were denied permission again.

“They’ll be wearing it in the second week of the Sir Doug Nicholas Round next week, but it’s not as bad as the Ensemble Colliewoodwood clashing with their Anjac Day jumpers.”

“Such issues will arise because of the floating fixtures,” said Jonathan Brown, the former captain of the Brisbane Lions.


“I guess that’s the problem because they haven’t announced the fixtures for a few weeks now that the jumper designs have been done, so this year is unique and it has thrown off the plan,” he said.

However, social media was not so sympathetic, as many posts suggested that demons should not wear their tribal guerrillas.

Users weren’t too happy with their much-anticipated top-of-the-line struggles as horrific scenes at Marvel Stadium left Overtown without any crowds due to COVID-19.



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