WWDC 2021: It’s all about the chips

Whichever way you break it, WWDC 2021 Everything will happen About chips – Power, ability, and opportunity. Everything else in the company Its developer event depends on these processors.

Developers, developers, developers

Apple will speak to developers at the event. It wants to reassure them that it has heard criticism from some people during the recent epic trial. It wants to find ways to keep them motivated, and I shouldn’t be surprised Tweaks to the company’s payment structure Because it seeks agreements that both developers and Regulatory investigation closed.

The company also wants to discuss its software.

After all, most of its devices run on some variants of the same OS X root, and Apple silicone chips, So it never got a good opportunity to integrate its platform to celebrate them Unique abilities. We expect news for the iPados, for example.

But in Silicon Valley, even the incomparable stories are gray compared to the importance of Apple’s adventure. Apple’s Industry leading mobile processor The Mac has mimicked their success, and the company seems to like it These designs taking another notch Sets for view in WWDC New pro-level products And Drive inexorably on 3nm chips.

Making it with Max

If it’s true that Apple wants to roll out a new chip inside a new MacBook Pro at WWDC, its high-fashion catwalk video shot is probably now taking place in a secret room in Capertino.

Apple has already introduced a new MacBook Pro at WWDC, for example, the 200 in with a 1 13-in. Model and 2012 with Intel’s Ivy Bridge chip. Press releases and product pages will be in the process of being signed and videos and market reveal assets will be finalized for the big disclosure – and general skeptics are telling us product lenses to “leak” already predictable and always good times.

And yet, even Apple Does not Introducing the new Mac at its developer show, WWDC will still be about Pips.

One year after the announcement of the attack, Apple wants to talk to them because they are very welcome Is remarkable, Sales have increased, And Customers are zero. WWDC is where the company wants to talk about how to pull its teams together.

Macs, iPads, iPhones, even iPod Touches – all of these devices have more binding to them that make them different, and there’s no point in morphing these various products into an amorphous whole, enabling better process continuity and a more integrated user interface. .

Because Apple doesn’t mind whether you use a Mac, an iPhone, or an iPad – it’s the best tool you can use for a unique task that keeps you busy. The same goes for developers – Apple wants it to be possible. To build once and to serve all its platforms.

That is, whatever it is, it is building. And soon I think you will build those experiences on the iPad Pro.

A chip you can use anywhere

But even that goal does not seem so ambitious that it can happen. It’s about what you can do when you own the hardware, the software, the services, and the technology you need.Apple Silicon) Which drives the entire ecosystem.

This type of control means you can optimize software and hardware before you build either. This means you can put together a 10 year production road map.

This means you can deliver developer APIs that are not possible on a platform that does not own all of them. Apple also wants to talk about it, this too – how the control of its processor / software stack enables it to build an ecosystem that developers can create unique experiences.

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So, now at WWDC ’21 we have a migration story, a processor development story, a developer story, and some changes to Apple’s relationship with developers.

We have a company that wants to start sharing some of its ambitions for its increasingly integrated ecosystem.

Where is that puck

Right now, Apple owns all the technologies used in its products, from design and OS to unique aluminum alloys, from packaging Renewable forest And components Design / Finance With close partners.

Apple also designed the production line.

From 20223 or so, it will be controlled Extend to cellular radio. Apple owns the stack and at the heart of that stack are its processor designs – less designed but powerful designs capable of scaling on smartphones, desktops, laptops, tablets, and anything carrying a chip inside. Wearable In the vehicle, Medicine To Industrial machinery.

WWDC 2021 is all about chips. And Possible.

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