Wrath of Man

½ ½

Wrath of Man Is a hard hit, brutal action thriller with mysterious elements. When a man named H, who doesn’t explicitly claim to be who he is, joins a cash truck company, he looks like a reckless new man. It soon becomes clear that H’s incredible skill in killing bad guys who want to rob trucks means that he must have some different intentions.

Patrick “H” Hill (Jason Statham) Wants to work for Fortico, an armed trucking company that closes huge piles of cash around Los Angeles. Bullet (Holt McClaney) hires him anyway if he is a bad enough team player despite his poor driving and shooting ability, as he is tough on the staff after the recent Forty robbery that ended with the death of two of his guards.

H soon proves himself at work, easily sending villains with the intention of robbing the truck while he is in armor. Specializes in the destruction of all kinds of sudden kills, with a single calculated calculation. However, this grand display is not an isolated incident. He seems to enjoy this kind of cruel self-defense, finding himself in a way that repeatedly hurts. Law enforcement officer H, known as King (Andy Garcia), finds out what H is doing but doesn’t want to stop him because the people going down are really ugly characters. Fortico also has a man who is working for them who are happy to defend their trucks very well.

But with the insider working for Fortico, and with the tipping of the robbers who need cash from their truck, it’s not clear what happens at any given time. It remains to be seen whether he is planning a Grant Helig or a Grand Finale for everyone involved in the polyphere.

Directed by Boy Ritchie (Snatch, Sherlock Holmes) There is a very dark tone to everything coming inside Wrath of Man. Various stories of revenge time with bullets, he best demonstrates the nature of the worst treatment of Jason Statham. Plenty of work scenes are well handled and information is slowly leaked out, leaving room for room to predict what will happen next.

The movie quickly moves from one scene to another, traveling to different times and places, albeit thirsty. Enough is enough. This removes any distant borens and allows more action-packed murder scenes that should be in the possession of a film.

Stunningly violent, with lots of graphic scenes. Wrath of Man One guy lives up to all the expectations from the Ritchie movie, which is to say there are ‘badges’ and lots of sweets mixed in. Good people are also good bad friends, in hell to kill everyone around him. Although it makes for great cinema, and combined with some good storyline twists, it does cross some speed bumps in the script at all but chances are the protagonist could be an incredibly bad guy.


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