Why – Foot 3 Patriots QB Mac Jones is suddenly being criticized for his lack of size?

Pats QB is 6-foot-3.  What's the matter

Pats QB is 6-foot-3. What’s the matter
Image: AP

We judge a lot of things based on size: Texas BBQ, television monitors, people’s houses, yadda yadda yadda. The NFL quarterback is no exception. Everything about them is judged on the basis of size. Not even Joe Burroughs Hands The NFL was rid of the media’s hard eyes. New England Patriot quarterback Mac Jones is the newest fraudster to receive harsh words from journalists since the OTA started somewhere in the league.

So he looks small and his arm doesn’t look “direct” (which means “strong”). I’ve been a hungry critic of Jones since the beginning of the most recent college football season, but the criticism he’s getting now has made me ask, “So what?”

The lack of size of everything that Mac Jones brought to the table as an NFL prospect is what worries me. Jones Listed as – Foot 3, 217 pounds – Lamar Jackson’s – Foot-2, 212 and Country Watson’s – Foot-2, 220 is definitely better. Jorn looks smaller than Jones. Pats’ other QB, Cam Newton (‘Memba to him?). Newton is quite a Greek deity. As for Jararett Stidham (his other, other QB), I find it hard to believe that Jones looks That Very small because they have the same build, minus one pound! (Stidham 6-foot-, listed at 216). The stadium may look balky, but bulk up is something Jones could easily do before the start of the season.

With the success of guys like Russell Wilson (-foot -11), Killer Murray (-foot -10), and Drew Bryce (-foot), I was surprised to find Jones’ height in question. There has never been a problem finding the receivers in the above three quarterbacks or on their objectionable lines.

Jones is not even the youngest first-round quarterback in the 2021 draft class. New York Jets Luke Zach Wilson is listed at 6-foot-3, 203 pounds. Why is he not receiving these comments? Because Wilson is more mobile than Jones? He may be small, but can he run around and stay away from Tucker well? That’s the only reason I can think of. But Drew Brace could hardly drive No The point in his career, and by the end of it, he was a good dang good quarterback, right?

As Jones’s arm, That is A legitimate interest. Anyway, just keep in mind that OTS Jones had his first act in a Patriot uniform, and we’re still three and a half months away from Week 1 of the NFL season. I understand that Jones’ arm is a concern in college, but in practice it is a very risky business to make Jones decide to take his first three days off, especially after Jones threw three beautiful passes on-on’s.

Keep this in mind Python ManningThe biggest cane coming out of Tennessee (and throughout his career) was his “weak” hand. However, it does not make much difference. Jones can read the defense, stay in the pocket, and make the right throws, he’s fine. Anyway, at least he didn’t go down without explaining himself first and foremost. I’m not saying Jones is Tom Brady. He’s not, but there’s a reason the Patriots were praised for Jones Draft in Country 1ri – he’s unbreakable in Belichick’s system, even if he’s an inch shorter than Brady.


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