White Sox fans love the team’s ‘City Connection’ jersey, jokes about Tony La Ross

The White Sox are well represented with their South 2121 Nike City Connection jersey.

Chicago unveiled its latest outfit on Friday afternoon and needless to say, the outfit is fast.

Going with the jersey, the White Sox released a video of themselves wearing uniforms and describing the concept they are moving forward with the design.

“This scene has this ancestral property that extends beyond this city,” the statement says. “It’s a black and white icon – a game changer. But now, it’s time for a remix.”

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In fact, it’s a remix of the classic look, and it’s being well received by White Sox fans. No, some even joked on Twitter about what Tony La Rossa could think of as the team’s newest jersey.

MLB and Nike have released three City Jerseys so far – Red Sox, Marlins and White Sox – with more to come. Each one has been a success so far, but Chicago certainly grabs the initial advantage for a better alternative uniform.

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