White people like Danny Ainge should stop talking about racial discrimination in Boston

No, that's not it.

No, that’s not it.
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White men have nothing more to argue with than men who share their views on racial discrimination or pregnancy. And both of those sins are often committed by a group of white people, such as Danny Eins.

The Celtics general manager thought it was a good idea to open his mouth about the city, which has long been considered the most racist country on earth. A white man from Oregon who plays at BYU and is a favorite of Boston, Igg felt the need for his “expertise” in what Celtic star Carrie Irvis later said.

“I’m looking to compete with my teammates and hopefully, we can keep it basketball; there’s no differences or racial discrimination – subtle racial discrimination.” Irvi said His Brooklyn Nets take a 2-0 series lead against Celtic in Boston on Friday night where fans will be playing and fans at TD Garden. “People are shouting from the crowd, but even if it is, it’s part of the nature of the game and we’ll just focus on what we can control.”

Ange replied:

“I think we take these kinds of things seriously,” Angel said appearance.5..5 appearing at the sports hub. I haven’t heard anything like that from any player I’ve played in Boston in my two years. I had never heard of Carrie before and I talked to her a little. ”

This is an example of someone not having a meaningful conversation with a black person in Boston, not really telling us that they haven’t had a meaningful conversation with a black person in Boston. This was especially the case a few years ago at Fenway Park:

I think Angel missed that whole exam in 201 whole Adam Jones was called N-Word and he had a bag of peanuts When he was on the field.

“I’ve heard some of them,” said current Celtic Marcus Smart about the racism being told by fans to black players in Boston. According to Athletic’s Jai Raja. “It’s kind of sad and sick because even though it’s an opposition team we still have kids on your home team that you’re calling these racial tendencies and you’re expecting us to go out there and play for you.”

And it’s not like Smart first mentioned Boston when he was playing for Angus. Check out this quote from him that came back in full … in 2020.

“But the incident that stuck with me a lot, and that has had the biggest impact on me, was a few years ago after a victory in the garden.

I was pulling out of the Arena Park lot when I saw a white woman flashing against the light of her five- or six-year-old son as cars approached them. I put my window down and I realized something bad was about to happen, so I humbly shouted at him, that he should hurry up and get out of the way so as not to hurt the two of them.

The woman was wearing Isaiah Thomas number C Celts jersey. And there were all these other Celtic fans who were in the game. I felt that she could calm down.


He rolled his head and it was.

“F—-you, F-n-word f !!!!!”

Last year, the Celtics story Bill Russell wrote these words About his time in Boston in the time0 and 60s.

“People said hateful and indecent things during the game: ‘Return to Africa,’ ‘Baboon,’ ‘Koon.’ ‘N * gger.

“As far as I’m concerned, I was a teammate for the Boston Celtics, the organization and the Boston Celtics. I haven’t played for the city or the fans. ”

But despite all the evidence and people who have treated black people and players in Boston for decades, there is always someone sensible.

“Celtic fans are the best fans in the world. I played there for eight and a half years. I lived there for eight and a half years. And I personally, I never face any kind of racial discrimination when I live in Boston. ” Former Celtic Kendrick Perkins said at the NBC game in Boston. “It’s just me personally. I have never dealt with it. I also returned as an opponent of Celtic. There I played with City Thunder and Cleveland Cavaliers in Oklahoma and still didn’t experience any racial discrimination. ”

When Game Tips Tips Tonight and Game Off Sunday closes, all eyes will be on Boston fans. In a week in which Tra Young was detained at Madison Square Garden and Russell Westbrook dumped popcorn in Philadelphia.The behavior of the black players by the fans became a thing again. And if we ever solve this issue because sports have always been agents of change when it comes to races, then white people like Danny Eins must stop the hell.


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