Which yoga pose is most effective for COVID 1 recovered patients? Weighing in experts

During your COVID 1 recovery, you may feel less energetic and mentally tired because your body has to do a lot to fight the deadly virus. So, these three yoga asanas by Grand Master Akshar can be highly beneficial for your quick recovery.

Yoga COVID 1 presents for recovery

If you have just recovered from COVID 1 recovered then your body is feeling weak. When treating any disease, both your body and mind are involved in beating it. This is why you may feel mentally exhausted even after fighting with coronavirus. So, when recovering after COVID 1 19, it can be very beneficial to regain strength, energy and fitness. So, during your recovery from COVID 1, you can practice these yoga asanas to get the Grand Master characters back on the fitness track.

Right angle (same angle pose)

Formation of posture

Start by standing in the isotope.

Extend your arms straight up.

Join your palms and point your finger

Slowly bend your upper body forward over your pelvis.

Lower your upper body until it is parallel to the ground.

Try to keep your legs straight with a very light bend at the knees.

Make sure your back is not bent and your spine is straight.

Focus on your gaze.

Vrikshasana (tree pose)

Formation of posture

Start at home.

Lift and place your right foot on the left inner thigh.

Here your balance joins your palms in your heart cycle.

Straighten your elbows and raise your head

Repeat the same with the alternate legs.

Dandasana (staff pose)

Formation of posture

Start in a sitting position and move your legs forward.

Bring your legs together as well.

Keep your back straight.

Tighten your pelvic, pelvic and calf muscles.

Look ahead

Place your bones on the floor to support your bones.

Rest your shoulders.

Meditation and pranayama

With a combination of these asanas, you can also include breathing methods such as Brahmani Pranayama (bee breath) and Kapal Bhati Pranayama (bow breath). Even if you meditate for 5-10 minutes daily, it calms down. Stati meditation and aram meditation or seed meditation are techniques to promote your sense of well-being.

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