Where is Jur this week? (May 22-June 1, 2021) Fate 2

Experienced Fate 2 Players know they can count on a loving merchant jury to appear every Friday with special exotic items, but isn’t it clear that you’ll be able to find him. Below, you’ll find a map with markers that indicate where Xur is, as well as a list of his belongings.

Who is Xur?

If you are new Fate 2 And A little more information is needed You need to know how it works Xur is a special seller Who sells foreign weapons and armor. Each week, he arrives with a slate of solar system accessories, including an alien weapon and a piece of alien armor for each alien character. In Out the lights, He now stocks items like five of the swords. You also provide quests to get rid of old foreign weapons that you may have missed.

Where to find Xur (May 2 – June 1)

Jur’s problem has found him. We always know when Xur will appear – daily reset at 10am PT / 1pm ET every Friday. The question is where Xur will be. First in it Fate 2, Xur’s location is marked on the map. He is now unmarked and is hard to find at the end of each week. Here’s where to get back to where the jury is, the ferry agent, as well as everything you need to know about what you’re offering this week.

This week, you can find Xur at EDZ. Load the rotating cove landing area and head straight north from there. You will eventually reach a cliff of rock, which you can jump on. Xur he will be screwed to the top of the rock, ready to sell you some exotics.

Here is the exact location:

Xur’s accessories for this week

Sweet Business – 2 Le Veteran Shards: As far as auto rifles go, Sweet business Is an absolute classic. Take a look at it and you can probably guess what it is. The alien is basically a multibarrel chain gun that fires more shots than your average auto rifle. It has a large magazine that automatically reloads when taken repeatedly. Fire from the hip increases the accuracy of the gun, so you’ll want to switch to full Terminator mode.

Apotheosis Veil (Warlocks) – 2 Le Giant Shards: The battle of the super is the best way to turn the flames, and Apothecary Well Helps you benefit. Exotic helmets regenerate your health, melee, grenades, and cracked energy when you activate your super. As an additional payment, it will quickly recharge the capacity of your affiliates.

Lucky Raspberry (Hunter) – 2 Legendary Shards: For bolt grenade users, Lucky raspberry Gives you more bang for your buck. This exotic chest armor bolt increases the chain capabilities of the grenade. Every time the grenade chain deals with damages, it will have a chance to recharge. If you get the full series, it will always be recharged.

ACD / 0 reaction fence (Titan) – 2T giant shards: ACD / 0 reaction fence The Titans have a great set of gloves that don’t mind taking a few hits. This alien stores land energy every time you hit a breeze. On top of that, when you attack the boss, the arrival damage will be minimized and you will remove your stored energy as an explosive attack.

Alien Cipher Quest – Genology: Alien ciphers are items that allow players to retrieve old alien weapons. Each week, Xur awards a foreign cipher, which sells a foreign search. You can only do one foreign cipher quest at a time, so be sure to clear anything in your progress so you can make new purchases each week. This week, players will receive a Genology Quest, which requires you to clear strikes as well as win crucible or gambit games.

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