Western Digital WD Black SN750 SE SSD Introduction: Entry-level PCIe Gen4

Among the many announcements today, Western Digital is introducing a new more affordable PCIe Gen4 SSD under their game-oriented WD Black brand (styled WD_BLACK). The new WD Black SN750 SE appears not only as fresh as their existing SN750 but also as a completely new and different drive. The SN750 SE brings PCIe Gen4 support but in other respects looks like a downgrade compared to the SN750, and the WD Blue looks more similar to the SN550. Based on the images and some performance specifications that have been revealed so far, the SN750 SE– looks like a channel DRAMless NVMe SSD, with respectable sequential reading throughput but a gradual write throughput reduction compared to the original SN750. Random IO performance was not included in the data sheet – not a good indication.

Update: In our friends PCGamer Have learned that WD is using DRAMless controller E19T is running For this drive, and Product listing Now some more detailed display glasses are live with.

WD Black SN750 SE SSD Specification
Capacity 2 GB0 GB GB00 GB 1 TB
Farm factor Unilateral M.2 228080 PCIe x.0 x4
Controller Fisso E19T
Nand flash ?
Read gradually 00200 MB / s 00 3600 MB / s 00 3600 MB / s
Write sequentially 1000 MB / s 2000 MB / s 233030 MB / s
Random read IOPS 1 190 0K K 360k 525k
Write random IOPS 200k 808000k 640k
Warranty Years
Write tolerance 200 TB
0.4 DWPD
300 TB
0.0 DWPD
T00 TB
0.0 DWPD
MSRP . . $. 99 . . $. 99 $ 12. .99

The WD Black SN750 SE is set to be the most affordable Gen4 option for their flagship SN850. The small controller, lack of DRAM, and the new NAND flash all together make the SN750 SE a less powerful drive than its nominal predecessor, although a more interesting comparison is against it. WD blue SN550. Match the original SN750 for the SN750 SE, but the 2TB model is missing. Pricing starts at GB $ .9999 for the 2GB0GB model, midpoint between the WD blue line and existing WD Black products. The WD Black SN750 SE is now available for pre-order directly from Western Digital, and will be available this summer through retailers and system integrators.

This is not the first time that Western Digital has messed up the naming of their WD Black SSD. There was only the first generation in 2017-2017 WD Black PCIe SSD. The next year, they released another WD black SSD That was a big upgrade: switching from the Marvel controller to their new in-house controller, and from the 1nm planner TLC to the L 3D L3L TLC in NAND flash memory – but the brandy conf is stingy, and the best way to tell which generation you were buying. Checked if the advertised capacity is 266 GB / 1212 GB (old) or 2 250 GB / GB00 GB / 1 TB (new). In 201 In, Western Digital made it the smallest from Refresh WD Black SN750; The most significant change to its predecessor was the addition of a vague (so far) model number. The hardware was the same and the firmware received only minor updates, and a version with Heatsink was added. That overdue update for using the SN750 L 64L TLC instead of the LLL, a change that Western Digital made for their OEM drives by replacing the SN720 with the SN730. But the SN750 SE is not a simple NAND refresh as we expected based on its name, nor is it a true successor and the SN750 will be upgraded.

The SN750 SE should make for a great mainstream NVMe drive. Western Digital has an excellent track record for getting the best performance from DRAMless NVMe SSDs, and this will probably be enough for the recent LeafFrog Samsung 808000. But using the same name for such a different product is a serious disappointment.

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