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At Healthy Women, our goal is to educate and empower women so that they can make informed decisions about their health care. Our daily mission is to connect with the rest of the world every year during May Nation’s Women’s Health Month.

This year, we’ve had the opportunity to ask our readers some questions that we’re giving our audience what they want – and that we’re doing it.


We’re glad to find that 65% of our audience feels healthy.

Time and money: Barriers to care

When asked what your biggest health challenge is, about 0% of you indicated that it is time to take care of yourself. It’s like the old oxygen mask. You have to take care of yourself so that you can take good care of everyone. Don’t forget that Self-care Not luxury – it’s a necessity.

The second biggest challenge was Being able to afford health care. This is a big problem, and so we are working hard to expose inequalities in healthcare. No one has to give up their health because of financial worries.

You guys are smart

Of0% you know you have to start thinking about yourself Brain health It’s never too late on your chessboard – but it’s not too late, either!

A reliable resource

When it comes to health issues, 2% of you are already back on the Internet with your healthcare providers (35%). While we always recommend that you consult a healthcare provider about a health problem, we know that turning to online resources is also a big part of the process.

That’s why it’s so important that you get reliable information that you can trust – and therefore all the content on our healthcare content is reliable, fair and factual.


We really appreciate taking the time to tell us about your brain. Now that we have Scoop, we will use all this great information to continue creating relevant and useful content. Until we meet again


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