Watch AMD and Nvidia’s Computex press conferences live with us!

Computex starts next week – in fact, literally right in the middle of a long Memorial Day weekend in the United States of good AL. And looking at things, the news from this year’s virtual show can be quite juicy.

Intel, AMD, and Nvidia all have keynotes that help kick the event. Each company is ready to discuss its latest technological progress. After a long epidemic caused by delays and supply disruptions caused by the epidemic, the industry could start steaming again. Intel has indicated “Innovation continues, “When AMD unveils it”Philosophy for the future of computer“(Which includes information on” high performance computing and graphics solutions “). For its part, Nvidia”Address the explosive growth in global gaming

PC enthusiasts may miss the CES 2021 note with frustration, but we’re not worried. While CES focuses on the mainstream, Computex has traditionally kept more mega-fans of Bleeding Edge hardware.

We look forward to seeing the AMD and Nvidia press conferences in real time – despite the holidays. (Sorry, Intel fans: You have to tune in to it Team Blue’s keynote address On their own We are not available Sunday evening.)

You are invited to join us! As always, these sessions will discuss and interact with like-minded PC fans when we respond to this news as a breakup.

We have two separate live streams:

AMD (6 :: 45: 45 pm PDT Monday, May 311)

This is AMD’s first press conference. We will start at 4:45:45 PM PDT Monday, May 91 (Morning: 45: E: 45 EDT, and 2:45 am BST / 11:45 am AEST at Tuesday Tuesday, June 1) For the pre-show, then sit in one after a short recap and discussion.

Nvidia (9:45 pm PDT Monday, May 311)

We will follow Nvidia’s press conference at 9:45 PM PDT Monday, May 311 (12:45 AM. EDT /: 45 :: 45 am BST / 2:45 pm AEST at Tuesday Tuesday, June 1). With AMD, we will start with a short pre-show and then after a review and discussion to see how much steam we leave.

Because Monday evening marks the end of the Memorial Day holiday weekend in the United States, feel free with the rest of your BBQ and cold drink. (We probably.) If you’re not in the United States, bring equal BBQs and cold drinks!

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