W Ways To Keep Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month Momentum

In honor of Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month, we co-hosted # CHATMS With sick leaders Randy (MustPMS), Cathy (@ Cathy Chase), And Caroline(@TheGirlWithMS). Together, we reflect back on Awareness Month and brainstorm new ways to maintain momentum and advocacy even after the end of Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month.

Check out key insights and highlights from our chat:

# 1 Keep telling your story

March may be Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month, but that doesn’t mean you should limit your advocacy to one month a year. Stay busy throughout the year, and work on raising awareness every day. Advocates constantly increase your reach, and expand your influence. As an advocate, Kathy Chester briefly comments, “Using our voice creates the best kind of awareness for patients, pharma and other stakeholders.”

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# 2 Be honest in your advocacy

We have heard it again and again: the sick voice is powerful. Every day, the sick leaders in our network become voices for the lack of voice and influence them in their community. Sick leaders also listen, connect and support others. Indeed, the power of the long-term sick community lies in the sincerity, compassion, and diversity of sick advocates. As Randy, @MustPMS says, “There’s no wrong way to be a sick leader. Find out what’s comfortable with you.”

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Whether you’re hosting events each week, running three podcasts, or just providing friendly ears to those who send you messages, your efforts are incredibly meaningful. After all, the differences in the sick community make it so big. Find your niche, and you will be.

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# Other Collaborate with other patients and organizations

When we work with each other, our communities become stronger. Expanding your reach and generating attention by collaborating with other sick leaders in the multiple sclerosis community. Consider co-hosting events, or sharing in an awareness campaign. You will benefit from the crossover and interaction between your audience and your partner audience. It is also a great idea to involve your own followers in your activities. Start conversations, ask questions, and promote interactivity. Such as Candice Wisely observes, “These conversations create awareness and promote a sense of community that shows that we are not alone in this war.”

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Creating a warm, inclusive, and inviting community encourages others to overcome loneliness and engage in advocacy. The more you can expand your network, the more awareness you will raise. For tips on growing and cultivating your online community, check it out Course.

# Engage in research efforts

We believe in incorporating sick input into the work of health workers. As with multiple sclerosis patients, participating in research studies will not only advance the research but also help you gain valuable skills as an advocate. You will make connections and learn new things that you can use to educate others in your community. Also, you will have a special opportunity to see the most scientific developments.

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# Adv Use with different platforms and mediums for your advocacy

Every day it seems that there is a new social media platform or popular popping. It’s a good idea to create a variety of content using the new platform. Not only is it fun, but it also diversifies your feed and your community. Try participating in a podcast, blogging, or creating a tick and see what the sticks are. Don’t forget to be honest, and you are sure to succeed! After that, be experimental – use humor and creativity to help guide you. Along the way, you will learn new things, and raise awareness. Such as Caroline “I think the more awareness we have, the better we can do. I like to see diversity there,” he says.

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Here are some ways to stay engaged throughout the year, and we know there’s more to this conversation!

How do you plan to advocate for multiple sclerosis? Let us know what you’re working on and keep chatting Here.

We can’t wait to see what new ideas you contribute. Remember to explore our platform for more resources that can help you increase your patient advocacy.

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