UN chief underlines COVID-19 vaccine production, uniform distribution – Global Issues

Attending the Global Solutions Summit 2021, the UN chief stressed the need to defeat the virus by doubling the number of doses produced and ensuring a fair distribution among them.

Measurement output

“It’s absolutely necessary to double the production of the vaccine, and there are different plants needed for it … but we have to have equal distribution, and we don’t have that,” he said.

“We have seen vaccine nationalities, vaccines collected, many countries or their populations. When buying more. And on the other hand, we see great difficulty in supplying the vaccine to the Global South. And this is a tragedy that we must ignore at all costs.

Earlier this week, the head of the World Health Organization (WHO)WHOThe ongoing vaccine crisis has been described as “a controversial inequality”. When asked what he thought of her condition, the secretary-general said, “That’s it.”

Risk of inequality

He has so far received 75 percent of all vaccinations administered in 10 countries, he said. Percentage went to low-income countries, with the African continent receiving only one percent.

The Secretary-General focused on “this is a race against time” and highlighted the risk inequalities posed by the spread and mutation of the virus.

He warned that either vaccines are much faster and more equitable and thus able to prevent “potential dramatic mutations” that are resistant to vaccines, or that countries that have vaccinated their populations “may find that those vaccines do no good.” Because mutations in the global South will weaken the vaccination campaign in the Global North.

Fully supports COVAX

At the recent G20 Health Summit, vaccine manufacturers pledged to distribute one billion doses to poor countries. Welcoming the development, the secretary general said it was not enough.

Mr Guterres emphasized the need to fully fund and supply global vaccine equity initiatives. COVAX. He said a major producer of the Serum Institute of India in India had to cut supplies due to the growing situation in the country, while deliveries from other contractors were delayed.

He urged countries to channel their additional vaccines through the Caucasus instead of geo-strategic competition, with many powerful countries trying to compete with each other over who vaccinated their peers or who was more affected by the vaccine.

The Secretary General also reiterated His proposal for a G20-led task force It works with pharmaceutical companies and other stakeholders to provide vaccines to all people, everywhere.


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